Remove flies in the kitchen

Remove flies in the kitchen

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Keep the flies away in the kitchen, to avoid contaminating the food, it is a problem every summer. Flies in the house also annoy when they fly to other rooms, mind you, but it is in the kitchen that no, we cannot accept them. The trouble is that drive away flies it is not easy after they have found their way in.

Certainly the supermarkets are full of insecticides capable of exterminate the flies, but first you can try with i natural remedies. The ones that were once used and still work great. And that do not make us run the risk of polluting the air with harmful substances. Especially in the kitchen while preparing food.

An excellent natural remedy for ward off flies in the kitchen consists of boiling four peeled and thinly sliced ​​onions in a liter of water. Allow to cool, filter and using a brush, pass this 'onion infusion' on all surfaces where flies can be placed: bases and wall units, lamps and chandeliers. The onion 'scent', which in any case will no longer be felt after boiling, will not disturb the kitchen environment; but if this happens, replace the onion with white vinegar.

To prevent flies from entering the house when the windows are open you can use the basil. A beautiful plant will also keep mosquitoes away, as well as pleasantly scent the air. And if you don't have enough space on the windowsill for pots and jars, fold over the drops of basil essential oil: put some on the window posts and you will see that it will work. On the other hand, some bees might arrive, they like the scent of basil, but it only happens in the countryside.

Very effective for ward off flies in the kitchen they are also cloves: stick some in a slice of lemon and leave them on a saucer, the result is guaranteed. A mixture of black pepper and vinegar also works well, which can be placed in small bowls in the corners of the house. Other useful tips can be found in our article Flies, natural remedies

Here you can buy a 100% pure basil essential oil at a decidedly economical price: I would say perfect for warding off flies!

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