When to plant a hedge

When to plant a hedge

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The best time for plant a hedge it is definitely autumn. A hedge is in fact made up of shrubs and planting it in this season has two advantages: the first is to be able to use bare root plants (which cost much less than those in pots) the second is to give the new hedge all the winter to settle in.

During the cold season, the new hedge has time to take root and rejuvenate itself in order to arrive 'in shape' the following spring at the time of the first flowering. Conversely, if for plant a hedge you choose spring (which is possible) you lose a few months.

Whatever the season, for plant a hedge there is a need to provide support for the new plants in the first years of life and in any case until the hedge proves capable of withstanding the wind on its own.

The support can be a trellis leaning against the wall, a net, or a wire pulled from one end to the other. When not planting near a wall or a net, a simple way is to pull a wire attached to props.

It is important when planting a new hedge to facilitate the growth of low branches right away. One of the most frequent mistakes in the maintenance of hedges is in fact that of letting them 'spin' upwards while keeping the old branches, with the result that the hedge empties in the lower part.

A hedge shouldn't be pruned just to keep its shape. Although it may seem like a sacrifice, from time to time it is necessary to intervene on the old branches with simple and targeted cuts that will be compensated by the new branches. In this way, the hedge will avoid emptying at the bottom and will remain nice and thick.

Obviously before plant a hedge you have to decide the result you want to achieve. There are bushy hedges and others less so, green hedges and others in bloom. If the goal is to have something in bloom, you can also think of a green hedge and sow colored flowers at the base. The bindweed and the bell are very suitable for this.

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