Cochineal of succulents: remedies

Cochineal of succulents: remedies

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Therecochineal of succulentsand theCeroplastes cirripediformis,one of the most common parasites that damagesucculent.

Ceroplastes cirripediformis, better known as thecochineal of succulents, infests the whole plant, preferring, however, the younger and tender parts. Thiscochinealit lives best in places with low humidity and poor ventilation.

How cochineal damages the plant
Therecochineal of succulentsit is equipped with a mouthparts characterized by sharp stylets that pierce the epidermis of the plant to suck as much sap as possible. The damage is not caused by single stings from onecochineal: infestations usually become very massive in a short time.

How to get rid of cochineal from succulents
In the case of a few specimens of cochineal, and therefore of minor infestations, you can proceed with the manual removal of the cottony bows and with the change of the pot, including the complete replacement of the soil with fresh, new and uninfested soil.

In the case of massive infestations, we recommend the use of white oil, which is allowed in organic farming but not natural for this. To eliminate the cochineal of succulents you will have to spray the plant with a commercial product based on mineral oil, always following the doses indicated on the label.

Among the various pesticide products on the market, we recommend those based on mineral oils, in particular white oil such asOpalena.

Opalena is nothing more than a biological insecticide that has an oil / water emulsion formulation, is allowed in organic farming and is effective against all types ofcochineal. It manages to exterminate the parasite by contact and asphyxiation. A one-liter pack costs around 11 euros and is offered on Amazon with shipping costs included in the price. It should not be applied in particularly hot summers, that is with temperatures above 32 - 34 ° C.

As stated, insecticidal white mineral oils are allowed in organic farming but they are not natural pesticides: they are obtained by fractional distillation of crude oil, their use in organic farming is allowed because they have an extremely low impact.

When to do the treatment against the succulent mealybug
The right time to carry out the treatment with white oil on succulents against infestation ofmealybugsit is spring or autumn, in this way you will be able to destroy the parasite's eggs and larvae before it can damage the plant.

Natural remedies against cochineal

For more information on how to defeat this annoying parasite, we recommend reading our new article: How to get rid of cochineal

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