How to protect cherries from birds

How to protect cherries from birds

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How to protect cherries from birds: cherries and birds, two spectacles of nature taken separately, the problem is that the birds they go to peck our fruits damaging the entire crop, in this guide we will see how to defend cherries and keep birds away.

Between the end of March and the month of April, depending on the geographical location, theCherry treeis in bloom. To pay the damages of thebirdsit is above all the early cherry trees which, bearing the fruits in advance, represent the tastiest meal for feathered friends who do not have many alternatives.

How to protect cherries from birds

As stated, the birdsthey mainly damage the early varieties, however, if the birds do not find other food in the neighboring areas, they can also damage the fruits of the late varieties.

For thedefense of cherry trees from birdsusually we recommend the use of colored and / or reflective papers. Our editorial staff does not recommend using colored or reflective papers as they do not give good results: after some initial hesitation, birdsthey will return to your tree and still feed oncherries.

The only way toprotect cherries from birdsconsists in the application of nets placed around the plants, especially in the lower part. The networks must be closed; who has godsCherry treeswith anti-hail nets, it can take advantage of the same supports by applying lateral nets along the entire perimeter of the tree or trees. At this stage, if you use insect nets, you can also protect cherries from fruit fly. In the following paragraph we will talk aboutcherrieswith split peel.

Those cherries that split ...

In this final paragraph we will talk about cherries with split peel. The only problem ofcherriesthey are not thebirds. How many of you have happened to findcherrieswell ripe but… also split? Unfortunately, if abundant rains occur during the ripening period, it is likely that cracks will appear on the fruit. This phenomenon occurs because the pulp cells swell rapidly due to the absorbed water and their increase in volume is not accompanied by sufficient elasticity of the peel which consequently tears.

Tips for cherry picking

Here are some tips for collectingcherriesshiny and that remain fresh longer. The harvest ofcherriesit lasts from the first week of May until the end of June, in the hilly areas it goes until July.

Thecherriesthey are collected early in the morning. Once collected, thecherriesmust be placed in wicker baskets and not in plastic buckets ... this certainly not for a peasant tradition: in contact with the plastic, the cherries get too hot and the skin becomes opaque, on the contrary, in the wicker basket, the cherries they are well insulated and the peel retains its particular shine.

Another suggestion is to cover the cherries with wet jute bags in order to avoid the deterioration of the fruits that will keep better.

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