How to grow and cook parsnip

How to grow and cook parsnip

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How to grow and cook parsnips: from sowing to harvest and then straight to the plate! The best recipes for cooking parsnips and instructions for growing them in the garden.

It is appropriate to say it, let's start from the garden and get to the plate! Today we will explain to you how to grow parsnips then revealing the best onesrecipes to cook it.

Parsnip or white carrot

Thereparsnip, also known aswhite carrot, is a plant belonging to the Apiaceae family, characterized by a long herbaceous, hollow and angular stem and a long root that is consumed in the kitchen.

The root resembles the classic carrot but, instead of having an orange skin and pulp, it is white / ivory. The root is long and fleshy, with a slightly acidic taste, it is consumed in the kitchen after cooking like any other vegetable.

Thereparsnipit has been loved by the public since the ancient Romans, its origins are very ancient so much so that a legend has it that the emperor Tiberius (42 BC 37 AD) made it arrive in Rome from the Rhine Valley (present-day Germany). Thereparsnipit reached the peak of popularity in the Middle Ages, right by us Italians. The fame of theparsnipit seems not to have survived the importation of the potato which supplanted it during the Renaissance.

Parsnip, flavor

Thereparsnipit has now almost completely disappeared from our tables, yet it has a very aromatic flavor that vaguely recalls that of carrot, celery and fennel.Growing parsnipsit means enhancing and recovering an ancient variety. An experience, in the field of horticultural crops, of great naturalistic-environmental, agricultural and even culinary interest.

How to grow parsnip

Before you see how to cook parsniplet's talk about hissowingand ofcultivation. Although it is a biennial plant, it is grown as an annual as well sow in spring and harvest from autumn to all winter.

When to sow parsnips?

Sowing can start from March (in the south) and continue until June. Those who live in the north center, for sowing in the open field should wait for the last frosts and avoid the risk of late frosts that would damage the younger shoots. To overcome the problem of late frosts, in the north and south, sowing in a protected seedbed is recommended and then planting the plants already developed.

How to grow parsnips

Thereparsnipit should be grown in well-drained, light and deep soils. Cultivation should be organized in rows 40 cm apart. The distance to leave between oneparsnipand the other on the same row is 15 - 20 cm

When to harvest parsnips

Thereparsnip it is harvested from autumn to all winter, when the fleshy root is well formed.

Parsnip, where to find it

The plant, already developed, can be purchased from the most well-stocked supermarkets or small farmers who operate the direct sale of the oldest cultivars.

Where to find parsnip seeds

If you wantgrow parsnipto have unusual vegetables in the garden, the seeds can be bought on Amazon or in the most well-stocked agricultural consortia.

On "this Amazon page" you will find the classic sachets of seeds. Parsnip seeds can be bought with a few euros. Make sure you put 3 seeds in each hole or in each cell of your seedbed.

How to cook parsnip, recipes

Thereparsnip in the kitchenwill make you rediscover an ancient and long forgotten flavor. Thereparsnipit is eaten cooked, to prepare soups (together with other vegetables) or creams. Among the ancient recipes of parsnip we see some variations in which theparsnipit was baked or fried like the potato.

Soup of Parsnip and pumpkin

One of the simplest recipes with parsnips to prepare is undoubtedly soup, a typical winter dish. Parsnip can be added to the classic pumpkin soup recipe. You can choose the proportions according to your palate.

For a more delicate and sweet flavor, make the pumpkin prevail. For a more aromatic flavor, let the parsnip prevail. You can enrich thisrecipe with parsnips with a few leaves of parsley, chopped fresh garlic (to be added raw) and parmesan flakes.

How to cook parsnip in the oven

Another typical recipe is that of baked parsnips. As stated, parsnip is cooked in the oven like classic potatoes, so much so that it can be the ideal side dish for chicken and red meats.

Velvety of parsnip,recipe

For the recipe of the cream of parsnip we refer you to that of chickpeas, the procedure is identical and also the variants recommended with the recipe of the chickpea cream can be valid for cooking parsnip.

Thereparsnipit can also be eaten raw, grated and seasoned with oil and salt.

In the photos, respectively:

  • the root of parsnip, the part to be prepared in the kitchen
  • flowers of parsnip, what the aerial part of the plant looks like
  • velvety of parsnip, the recipe it can be enriched with prawns or more simply with chopped parsley

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