Home remedies for cockroaches

Home remedies for cockroaches

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In the previous article we gave you several tips on how to keep ants away; today we are talking about home remedies for cockroaches.
The period in which these insects come to visit us is summer but let's try to get to know them better to eradicate them effectively.

What we will look at are not the only natural remedies to eliminate cockroaches. Other solutions are available on the page: "How to keep cockroaches away with natural methods "

Home remedies for cockroaches: prevention

As with ants, cockroaches are also attracted to food; therefore, if at home you have the habit of leaving dirty pots in the sink or leaving crumbs on the floor, it is very likely that you will have a close encounter with a cockroach!
Do not forget that these animals are able to go up through the water pipes, therefore avoid always leaving dirty sinks and sinks and periodically check the drains. Furthermore, since water is essential for these animals, also check for any leaks in the house, which is a safe refreshment for them.
Cockroaches also enter through cracks in the wall; ideal condition to create their nest: this happens especially in old houses with structural failures. In this case, the situation becomes complicated, since eliminating a nest is not a simple operation.

Natural methods against cockroaches are definitely the best solution, especially when there are children and pets in the house, which could inadvertently inhale and / or eat the insecticide.
Try to identify where the cockroaches come from, if they have a burrow: consider that they can slip under anything from doors to furniture. So the only action you can do is be patient and follow them when you see one. Once the den has been identified, you can resort to poisonous baits: there are different types on the market, but you prefer the closed ones, where only insects can enter; in this way, children and animals will be safe.

If you want to use a cheaper bait, you can make a mixture with boric acid and cocoa in equal parts, adding two parts of flour. But be careful: this substance if ingested by people and / or animals is very toxic! Therefore place it only where it is not reachable.

Remedies for cockroaches, do it yourself bait

For this DIY bait you need a plastic bottle and a knife then proceed as follows:

  1. take the bottle and cut it three quarters of the way up
  2. take the neck of the bottle and insert it upside down inside the body of the bottle itself: if it does not hold but tends to slide down, block it with adhesive tape
  3. add soap and water up to the inverted neck of the bottle
  4. put the trap in a place frequented by cockroaches

In practice, it is the same trap for mosquitoes, except that instead of water and yeast, you will have to put water and soap.

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