How to clean the parquet

How to clean the parquet

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How to clean the parquet:all the instructions on how to clean the parquet respecting the wood. Scratches on parquet, how to eliminate them and prevent their appearance.

Wood is an organic material, therefore delicate and in need of maintenance.

Fortreat the parquetyou have to use the right amount of water, respect the instructions of maintenance present in the purchase certificate and completely eliminate the use of aggressive chemical detergents that can only harm ourparquet.

How to smooth and regenerate parquet

If yoursparquethas aged rather than asking youhow it cleans upperhaps, you should evaluate an intervention to revive it, in this regard, all the information is available in our article dedicated toParquet maintenance.

If you have in mind ofregenerate the parquetknow that thesandingis recommended only onparquetquality. Theresandingof thesolid wood parquetwill give you back a floorlike New!

How much does it cost to sand and regenerate the parquet

Do-it-yourself works are strongly discouraged, also because forregenerate the parquetand smooth the surface, professional tools are needed. Smoothing and regenerating the parquet is not an economic operation. By consulting various industry professionals, we have seen that 20 euros per square meter is required regardless of the type of parquet you have ... the important thing isreal parquet! 20 euros per square meter may seem like an expensedoablewhen it'sruinedonly the floor of a room… Unfortunately forregenerate the parquetof an entire house of 140 square meters, the cost to be faced will be 2,800 euros.

How to clean the parquet

If yoursparquetit is not ruined, just perform the classiccleaningto obtain shiny, brilliant and perfect surfaces.

Theparquet cleans itselfwith a simple solution of water and white wine vinegar. Those who do not like natural remedies can choose specific detergents but we advise you to use them very sparingly.

Before using water, use a vacuum cleaner or an electrostatic cloth to remove dust. How to clean the parquet? We will outline the operation in simple steps:

  • Remove the dust from the surface using a dry electrostatic cloth or a vacuum cleaner.
  • Wash the surfaces with a damp cloth soaked in a solution of water and vinegar.
  • Open the windows and ventilate the room to help it dry.

This one just described is the classiccleaningbase to devote toparquet. As is clear, theparquet, if well maintained, it does not require any particular maintenance… The problem is that this floor is delicate and the risk of scratches is high.

Scratched parquet, how to do it

THEparquet floorsrecently formulated they have a highly resistant anti-scratch surface. Today, in fact, it is possible to install parquet even in the bathroom or kitchen, obviously choosing the right woods. If you do not have a scratch-proof parquet, I recommend that you read the last paragraph dedicated to prevention.

If it is too late for prevention eprotect the parquet from scratches, read the guide article How to repair scratches in parquet. There repair of scratched parquetit is an easy intervention to do with the do it yourself…!

How to polish parquet in a natural way

A floor inparquet it is very elegant especially when the surfaces appear well polished and bright. Those who want to avoid the use of chemicals and clean in complete safety, without damaging the parquet, can point to a large number of natural methods for polishing parquet.

  • All the info:Natural methods for polishing parquet.

Wax the parquet

It is not necessary to buy a wax at the supermarket, you can produce a more delicate wax with your hands to protect the parquet and make it clean and like new. In this regard, we refer you to the articleDo-it-yourself wax for parquet.

How to wash the parquet

Thereparquet cleaningit must be done carefully and delicately. If you are wonderinghow to clean the parquet, know that you must ban industrial chemical detergents, which are too aggressive for any type of parquet finish and harmful to health.

For ordinary cleaning and in particular for wash the parquet, you just need amicrofiber cloth to be moistened slightly with warm water. Pass it on the floor and rub it a little to remove any stains.

How to disinfect the parquet floor

If you are not satisfied with simple water or a solution of water and vinegar, you can add a few drops of essential oil to the microfiber cloth. Essential oils can act as a natural disinfectant and will leave a pleasant scent on the floor. Among the essential oils most suitable for disinfect the parquet we recommend tea tree oil.

How to remove stains from parquet

If onparquetthere are marks left by shoes and chairs (streaks), you can try to remove them using sodium bicarbonate. Add some baking soda to the affected points and finally spray a solution of 50% water and vinegar. Leave on for a couple of minutes and wipe with a cloth or sponge (non-abrasive) to remove any marks.

Attention! Let's talk about black streaks and not scratches! For scratches and scratches we have already reported the in-depth guide. This remedy is valid in case of streaks left by new chairs, stains left by plastic or rubber of shoes.

How to protect the parquet

To have a clean, shiny and like new parquet (especially without scratches), precautions must be taken. The photo above shows a very useful protective mat in the study, to be placed under the wheelchair.

In the long run, the wheels scratch and wear the parquet, consuming its surface. The parquet in direct contact with the wheels will undergo a degenerative process and, when worn, will alter its natural color.

A transparent mat can be the right solution and also with a low visual impact. These mats can be purchased in stores specializing in parquet furnishings or by taking advantage of online purchases.

On Amazon, the mat shown in the photo is offered at a cost of 39.79 euros with shipping costs included in the price. The price varies according to the size of the carpet. At the indicated price you can get the largest mat, its dimensions are 120 x 150 cm.

The carpet to protect the parquet is made of durable, non-toxic and recyclable material. Perfect to apply near desks in order to protect the parquet from the scratches of the chair. For all the info, please refer to the official Amazon page: TecTake Office protective mat.

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