How to use the pressure cooker

How to use the pressure cooker

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How to use the pressure cooker for cooking food, cooking times and useful information for steaming in a pressure cooker.

Therecooking in a pressure cookerallows you to cook food in an optimal way: it shortens cooking times and limits the loss of micronutrients from food. Micronutrients are lost due to the high temperature and direct contact between food and water. With the pressure cooker, just use a minimum of liquid in order to minimize the contact between the aqueous fraction and the food being cooked. In addition, combining a basket with the pressure cooker is possiblesteam in the pressure cooker.

How to choose the pressure cooker

Not sure how big your pressure cooker must be?
Simple, about one liter per person is enough, so if there are only four of you in the family, a pressure cooker with a capacity of 5 liters will be enough ... on the market there are pressure cookers with sizes of 3, 5 and 7 liters.

Obviously, if you are faced with a pressure cooker for the first time, you don't even know where to start to use it: with a little practice everything will become easier. The pressure cooker is an excellent ally in the kitchen since food cooking takes place quickly so if you are always in a hurry why not try its use? Cooking times are shortened.

Steam in the pressure cooker

With the steaming we have the ability to cook food without direct contact between water and food itself, just take advantage of one of the possibilities offered by adding a simple basket. There steam cooking in a pressure cooker it allows us to minimize the loss of minerals and vitamins: the aromas remain unchanged and all the preparations remain light and very digestible since no seasoning is required. Let's see in detail how to use the pressure cooker giving you all the useful information.

Using the pressure cooker is a very simple operation and above all it does not involve any risk unless you use it according to unresponsive criteria! The right precaution is aimed at its cleaning, which must always be taken care to preserve its efficiency.

How to cook in the pressure cooker

How to use the pressure cooker: all useful information for the right steam cooking especially for pressure cookers newbies.

How much water to put?

When using the pressure cooker, the right attention should be paid to the amount of water, which must never exceed 2/3 of the total capacity of the pot and must always be greater than half a glass. You don't have to overdo the quantities, but the opposite is also true! Too little water could affect pressure cooking until the food sticks to the bottom. It is not possible to tell you how much water to put because each food can absorb or release liquids. Just remember to never exceed 2/3, then, the experience will run its course!

Here how to use the pressure cooker:

  1. After putting all the ingredients, fill the pot with the right water.
  2. Close your pressure cooker paying particular attention to the valve, which must be properly closed
  3. At this point, put the pressure cooker over a high flame
  4. After a while you will hear a whistle, in this case lower the flame and wait for the new whistle of the valve, it is from this moment that you have to calculate the cooking time.
  5. After the time has elapsed, turn off the heat and open the valve, all the steam must come out.
  6. When the steam is all out you can open the pressure cooker and take out the food.

For more information, we recommend reading the article "Steam cooking, how it's done"

Variants: you can flavor the water underneath the food with aromatic herbs, spices or with vinegar, wine or lemon: the scents will reach the food together with the steam which will cook and flavor them at the same time.

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