How long to wait before brushing your teeth

How long to wait before brushing your teeth

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How long to wait before brushing your teeth it's a question to which even dentists' answers can often be contradictory. THE caries bacteria begin to act after only 10 minutes from the end of the meal so the National Association of Italian Dentists (ANDI) recommend wait only 10 minutes before brushing your teeth.

On the other hand, a study ofAssociation of American Dentists (Academy of General Dentistry) found that brushing your teeth immediately after meals would facilitate the penetration of acids contained in food, risking damage to the enamel.

For this reason, the Association recommends wait 30 minutes before brushing your teeth so as to allow saliva to remove acid residues.

How to behave at this point? Probably waiting 15-20 minutes might be the best solution!

Alternatively, for an even more reasoned decision, you should wait only 10 minutes if you have eaten foods without a high percentage of acids (eg pasta, meat) and wait 30 minutes if you have also eaten acidic foods ( for example, oranges or grapefruits).

As for the brush, it is recommended to purchase a model with medium bristles of good quality: Soft bristles may not properly remove all food residues, while hard bristles may ruin the enamel, especially if you apply too much pressure.

However, the most important recommendation is the how you brush your teeth which must always be from the inside to the outside of the tooth, so as to remove plaque without damaging the gum line.

The ideal is to proceed in a methodical manner arch by arch, with the mouth open, starting from the facets of the incisors and proceeding according to the scheme shown in the following image:

How to brush your teeth correctly in 5 steps

Another indispensable aid for correct dental hygiene is the dental floss, perfect for removing food residue and plaque where the toothbrush cannot reach.

A final rinse with a mouthwash for about 1 minute could make you reach perfection!

For what concern toothpaste, the advice of dentists is of do not abound, to allow for more effective brushing, as it would be ideal do not get the toothbrush wet before starting brushing.

In the absence of a toothbrush and toothpaste, a rinse (obviously better if with mouthwash) can help with a brief first cleaning. Also useful i xylitol chewing gum, antibacterial substance.

And to fight theredness of the gums? Proper oral hygiene performed as described above should avoid gum problems but in case you find yourself with red gums, some dentists recommend using a chlorhexidine mouthwash. Since these particular mouthwashes are available with different percentages of chlorhexidine, it is always ideal to ask your trusted dentist before proceeding with the purchase.

At this point you should know everything about how long to wait before brushing your teeth and how to perform proper oral hygiene!

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