Winter outdoor plants: colors

Winter outdoor plants: colors

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Of outdoor winter plants there are several. Choosing them well for the flowers, the color of the bark or the branches, you can have a colorful garden even from November to March. It is also fragrant because, few people know, the 'beauties of winter' give off fragrant scents even more intense than summer flowering plants.

Beautiful in winter in yellow

Between outdoor winter plants that give the garden a note of yellow or soft orange are the calicanthus (Chimonanthus praecox), the Hamamelis (virginiana and intermedia) and the Mahonia. Calicanthus blooms at the end of December, the others a little later towards the end of January. All three are fragrant shrubs.

Another exceptionally beautiful winter shrub blooms in yellow: the Edgeworthia chrysantha. The flowers appear on the bare branches in late January and are usually yellow or creamy white. There is also a rarer variety of Edgeworthia that blooms in orange and is called 'Red dragon' (Edgeworthia is a plant native to China). This is also a fragrant bush.

Beautiful in winter in pink

The other two bring the pink color outdoor winter plants: the camalea (Daphne nezereum) and the viburnum, in particular the Viburnum bodnantense. Both of these plants bloom from December to March and prefer areas in the garden where some warm sunshine arrives. The camalea has the characteristic of blooming on bare branches and for this reason it is also called fior di stecco. Both the camaleaboth viburnum (bodnantense) make very fragrant flowers.

Pink, at times distinct and at times faded into white, is also the color of a classic winter flower: the camelia sasanqua. It is a variety of camellia native to the Japanese island of Okinawa with the name of sazankwa, which means 'mountain tea flower'. It does not have a very abundant flowering, but it is beautiful to see both in single formation and used to make hedges.

Beautiful in winter in white

The most common shrub that blooms in white is the slowness (Viburnum tinus), also called laurel tino or laurel vat. The white flowers also hide fruit in abundance, consisting of blue and purple berries that are very noticeable in winter and are food for birds. A bush of lentage brings life to the garden because there will be birds coming and going.

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