Led lamps for home

Led lamps for home

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In terms of energy savings, the led lamps (Light Emitting Diode - light emitting diode), assume a considerable importance; it is estimated that the total use of LED technology results in savings of around 10 million euros for the whole of Europe. Among its main features is the duration, estimated 20 times longer than the classic incandescent lamps.

The led lamps they are classified as cold lights that is they do not produce and do not disperse energy in the form of heat; this results in considerably higher efficiency than the incandescent bulb: with the same electrical power absorption, the LED lights develop about double the lumens. In practice, the light effect generated by three 2-watt LEDs is equal to that of a 50-watt halogen bulb. Furthermore, the LEDs do not require particularly complex power systems and the cost of the technology is getting lower and lower.
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LED technology is already several years old; think that the first LED was developed in 1962, only in recent years is it enjoying great consensus on the market; they have high brightness, high efficiency, are cheap: aspects capable of ensuring greater energy savings.

To this it must be added, then, that LED lamps have a duration up to twice as long as traditional light sources.
Initially the LEDs were only red, then other colors of the light spectrum were added. For this reason, their use was initially limited to electronic devices, in particular for displays, and then extended in the theater field to be used for the headlights of some cars.

The new technology that led to the creation of the white color has extended the field of use to virtually all lighting applications. You may be interested in reading the article "Flat LED lamps, they consume little and cost less".

Lately, a new technology is emerging that will flank the LED one, the so-called OLED technology, which uses organic semiconductors (such as those of organic solar cells) instead of inorganic crystals, of which the LEDs are made up. However, we will have to wait a few more years before this new technology also spreads.

Thanks to the small size and the lighting power, the light effects generated by the LEDs can be particularly suggestive. This has stimulated the creativity of many designers who have given vent to their imagination by creating lamps with the most unexpected and unusual shapes.

Examples of low price home LED bulbs:

LED bulb E27 - 1000 Lumen
The bulb consumes only 11 Watts to produce 1000 Lumens (it is very bright, suitable for the dining room or the children's room where you play and study). It is a warm light (the color of the light is slightly closer to yellow), therefore excellent for giving an intimate atmosphere to the environment. The price is € 10.99.

Lamp with socket E27 - 850lumen
This Beghelli lamp has a light intensity that makes it suitable for small rooms, or for the bedroom that needs little light. Again the light is warm. The price is € 6.65.

Led bulb, E27 socket, Cold Light, 1000 Lumen
The price is higher because we are talking about one LED bulb with cold, then white light (the color temperature amounts to 5500 - 6000 Kelvin). It is more suitable for lighting offices, shops, study rooms and more impersonal environments. Those who have a modern style kitchen (perhaps with satin or shiny silver colored tops, or steel tops) separated from the dining room, can use this light to emphasize hygiene and an aseptic environment. The price is € 11.99.

LED bulbs MR16 - 280 lumen
The price is € 44.90 but refers to the pack of 10 LED bulbs for the home. These are 280 lumen bulbs, suitable for illuminating wardrobes, drawers, furniture, cupboards or for night lighting of the dresser or corridor. Perfect for use in groups to illuminate the living room or create lighting effects in relaxation areas. The energy absorption is only 3.5 W. If 10 bulbs are too many, a pack of 2 MR16 bulbs is offered on Amazon at a price of € 7.99.

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