How to make green tea

How to make green tea

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In this article I will explain how to make green tea in order to fully appreciate all its features.

Connoisseurs of this drink know that thegreen tea it requires a more delicate preparation than that of black tea.

A first important precaution concerns the temperature of the water: in order not to lose the subtlest aromatic notes, the water of green tea it must not exceed 80 ° C, without reaching the boiling point.

A trick to be able to meet this requirement e brew green tea perfect, even in the absence of a thermometer, consists in waiting for the water to boil and then adding a cup of cold water, before pouring it on green tea so as to lower the temperature by about ten degrees.

This trick allows at the same time to prevent the boiling water from extracting too many bitter substances from you. The result is a delicate drink, which can be consumed on several occasions during the day to take advantage of its properties.

The same process can be used to prepare the green coffee (not roasted and obtained from raw seeds), the difference of which compared to black coffee lies in the lower caffeine content and above all in the different way in which it is absorbed by the body.

With the black coffee, caffeine reaches its peak effect (blood peak) in half an hour and is eliminated in a short time. It is the classic 'hit effect' of coffee. With the green coffee on the other hand, absorption is slower, there are no blood peaks and the elimination is also slower, with the result that the caffeine remains in circulation longer.

The difference in action is given by the fact that caffeine is free in black coffee, while in green coffee it is linked to chlorogenic acid. The latter is a powerful antioxidant which in decaffeinated green coffee preparations can also be taken without the caffeine kit.

Green tea is green coffee they both contain antioxidants which are among the elements known to reduce the risk of cancer, lower cholesterol and support the immune system. They are also considered excellent fat burners and recommended for weight loss associated with a balanced diet.

Green tea and green coffee they are great prepared starting from fresh products (green coffee seeds can be found in many organic markets) but also the extracts in tablets are a valid support of the antioxidants and polyphenols contained in the two plants. Which comes in handy especially when you are away from home or in emergency situations when you have no way to brew green tea with the process described above.

Buying the extracts in tablets is easy as they are also available online with all the necessary guarantees. Here, for example, you can buy the extract of Green tea + green coffeeat a great price and with the guarantee of a quality product.

Green tea is just one of the many varieties of tea. For information on the properties, flavor and characteristics of other teas, please refer to the page:Types of tea.

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