Quadrofoil, the electric jet ski

Quadrofoil, the electric jet ski

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It was presented as the two-seater water sports and it's called Quadrofoil. It is atwo-seater electric hydrofoil, environmentally sustainable, fuel efficient, comfortable for recreational transport and with an attractive look.

L'two-seater electric hydrofoil in question, theQuadrofoil, promises to "glide on the water" giving a new navigation experience. It is a vehicle dedicated to a niche audience looking for new emotions.

Unlike classic boats, thetwo-seater electric hydrofoil Quadrofoil is silent, it does not produce waves or CO2 emissions. Overall, this aquatic electric vehicle is ideal for lakes, rivers, marine protected areas ... where most motorboats are prohibited.

The look is dynamic and sporty and the top speed allowed by the electric motor amounts to 40 km / h (21 knots), while the battery pack pushes theelectric watercraft to travel a distance of over 100 km, about 54 nautical miles. Charging times are 2 hours.

Unlike the othersjet skis, theElectric quadrofoilit needs minimal maintenance with running costs estimated at around one euro per hour of high-content operation. The Quadrofoil electric motorcycle features an electric outboard thruster and a special steering system. The electric motorcycle in question does not produce waves because "fly over the water " with a buoyancy force that lifts the vehicle just above the water surface.


Thereelectric watercraftQuadrofoil has been designed to be "unsinkable" thanks to its hydrodynamic and hermetic modules and components that create perfect automatic balancing resulting in stabilization of the entire vehicle. Style is on boardminimalbut full of comfort thanks to the soft and ergonomic seats.

Not just lakes, rivers and marine protected areas. An electric Quadrofoil could be the perfect complement to combine with a private boat. Perfect for reaching coves and shores. With the electric water bike, when you "fly over water" it's all about acceleration and power steering.

The cockpit is intuitive and functional. It transmits information on battery power, speed and consumption. The body of theelectric hull it consists of composite and lightweight materials.

How much does the Quadrofoil electric watercraft cost?
This innovative vehicle has been on the market since March 2015 in a series of special editions. The price ranges from 15,000 euros for a Q2A Classic (with a top speed reduced to 30 km / h and a range of 50 km) up to 22,500 euros for the Limited Edition Q2S models.


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