How a wall is waterproofed

How a wall is waterproofed

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How a wall is waterproofed: all the tips on how to waterproof an internal or external wall, with or without tiles. In this guide you will find all the instructions to make a waterproof wall in order to definitively solve the problem of humidity on the walls, mold and rising damp.

Those who have problems with rising damp, to make a wall waterproof would do well to take advantage of the chemical barrier system. A chemical barrier can be set up either by doing it yourself (by purchasing special kits), or by the intervention of a team of experts. All information on this topic can be found in the article entitled:Chemical barrier against rising damp.

How a wall is waterproofed

A lot of information can be found in our help articleHow to waterproof a wallwhere we describe the waterproofing work ofinternal or external wallswithinsulating resins to be applied by DIY (on the market there are sleeves or products in bags that are easy to apply) or through the intervention of specialized companies that use high pressure machinery.
In addition to insulating resins, there are water-repellent pastes on the market that are easier to apply. Some of these water-repellent pastes are also very useful in the garden. Unlike resins, many water-repellent pastes can be easily applied using a brush or roller.

How to waterproof a wall with water-repellent paste

-Buy a good water repellent paste.
- Use a roller or brush
- Equip yourself with a brush for preliminary cleaning
-Clean thewallfrom waterproof brushing it carefully
- Use a roller or brush and apply as many layers of water-repellent paste recommended on the label of the purchase package.

Which pasta to choose?
The best protective pastes offer a good yield even with a single pass, an example is Stormdry Protective Paste, also tested by the University of Portsmouth; Portsmouth tests have found that a wall insulated from moisture with a product similar to the one mentioned can allow significant energy savings on domestic heating. Stormdry water repellent paste is for sale atAmazonat the price of 228 euros (with free shipping) for a 5-liter jar capable of effectively treating an area of ​​about 30 square meters.

How to waterproof a wall - the shower enclosure

In particularly humid environments such as bathrooms,shower cabin, relaxation corner, swimming pools, saunas ...waterproofing of wallsit becomes necessary in case of water infiltration. Water infiltration between the shower cubicle tiles, for example, can cause serious damage to the entire wall structure as well as the appearance of mold and moisture stains.

Before moving on towaterproofing of wallsit will be necessary to check the shower tray: if it has cracks on the edges, it will be necessary to apply silicone paste together with fiberglass gaskets.
To makewaterproof the walls of the shower enclosurewe recommend the use of a material that can repel water and resist and prevent the appearance of mold. Among the various products on the market we recommend theMapelasticof Mapel. In the case of tiles, it will be necessary to work individually on the perimeter of each of these using a silicone-based sealant.

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