Honda FCV, the car of the future

There Honda FCV Conceptit is an alternative drive car capable of giving aautonomyof over 700 kilometers. L'Honda FCVis the latest evolution of fuel cell technology after the Honda FCX Clarity. Despite the upcoming Los Angeles Motor Show, Honda has chosen Japan, its native country, to present the FCV Concept, the new hydrogen sedan.

L'FCV Concept hydrogen car anticipates the production car that will be marketed in the land of the Rising Sun starting from March 2016: subsequently it is also expected to land in the United States and here in Europe. When it comes tohydrogen car, the Japanese manufacturer Honda is among the pioneers with a history of concreteness that has its roots already in 2002.

L'Honda FCVit is not the first mass-produced hydrogen-powered car by the Japanese manufacturer. Before the FCV there was the Clarity, distributed in Japan and the USA with exclusive sales contracts or more commonly in leasing. In his country, precisely in the Tokyo prefecture,Hondacan also count on a refueling stationhydrogensolar charging: with 1.5 kg of fuel produced by the clean energy station, the Clarity was able to travel 150 km with zero CO2 emissions, a figure destined to be surpassed by the new generation ofFCV Hondagiven that with this concept the promise is over 700 kilometers with a full tank.

Honda FCV Performance and autonomy

As stated, the release is scheduled for March 2016 in Japan and only subsequently in Europe and the USA. The visiting card of the FCV Concept is an autonomy of "over 700 kilometers" with a full tank of hydrogen (stored in a 70 MPa tank) and refueling times of around 3 minutes.

The vehicle comes with a low set-up to maximize aerodynamics, the interior is more spacious than the Clarity and the technology under the hood guarantees 60% better performance and with a further reduction in the weight and bulk of the battery pack.

The new Hydrogen Hondait will have an engine capable of delivering a power of 136 hp. For the FCV ConceptHonda has also developed a prototype generator called the Power Exporter which, when connected to the car, is capable of providing electricity up to 9 kW.

L'Hondahe strongly believes in hydrogen traction, so much so that he is considering the FCV Concept platform as a possible basis for other models.

Honda has been active in the hydrogen traction sector since 2002, when the first FCX was released, until it became more popular in 2008 with the Clarity. Also today, Honda continues to collaborate with General Motors: the agreement with Detroit, signed last year, should lead to the development of the "next generation of fuel cell and hydrogen storage systems", A goal to be achieved by 2020.

Honda FCV Concept shows the development of the interior and exterior styling of the next generation of zero-emission vehicles. From 2016 the Honda FCV will improve the interior space, battery storage, costs and autonomy range also thanks to the Power Exporter system. Despite the efforts of Toyota and other manufacturers who are dedicated to hydrogen traction, Honda remains a leader in the fuel cell vehicle (FCV) and with this latest Concept showed the world the stylistic evolution of the next Fuel Cell cars.

Video: Car Tech - Honda FCV Concept (January 2022).