The green pizza that saves energy

The green pizza that saves energy

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We can talk about green pizza? Yes if we are talking about pizzas, in this case frozen, produced with renewable energy self-produced on site or purchased from clean energy suppliers. All the more so if the product in question - the pizza from Roncadin Spa in Meduno (PN) - came first in the Coop for Kyoto, the contest with which the Coop brand (since 2006) enhances its most virtuous suppliers in terms of attention to 'environment.

No (free) advertising, the story deserves to be told because it can be an example. There green pizza it is just a product, as there could be others, made with attention to energy saving and consequently to the environment. The skill of marketing (green marketing?) Helps to enhance the results, the fact is that in this case energy is really saved. And with energy, money.

There green pizza leaves a factory where a photovoltaic system has been installed on the covered surfaces capable of producing approximately 1.2 million kilowatt hours each year, more or less 7% of the company's needs. This allows 671 tons of CO2 less to be released into the environment, equivalent to 238 tons of oil. The rest of the energy needed is purchased from a supplier that uses only hydroelectric and wind energy.

Self-production and purchase of energy. The photovoltaic system and the qualification of the supplier have made the production of the green pizza with a saving of 6,785 tons of CO2: the equivalent of 2,134 tons of oil and the average annual electricity consumption of 4,185 families. It has been calculated that the production of each single green pizza saves the equivalent of the pollution of 1 km by car.

Since this is a production of pizzas, however, it is inevitable that one of the most energy-intensive areas is ovens, an area in which the company in question plans to intervene with an additional investment that will make all ovens powered by renewable energy. In particular by improving the combustion of wood ovens.

Rationalization of energy consumption. After an LED relamping, in the green pizza the consumption of the freezing tunnels has been optimized. Thus, whereas previously the tunnels maintained constant consumption, now, thanks to a sensor system, they are able to modulate the temperature according to the needs and the overall load.

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