Reclaim eternity, indications and methods

Reclaim eternity, indications and methods

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Therereclamation of eternityit can be done using three different methods: removal, encapsulation and confinement.

Reclaim Eternit

With a first overview of the methods ofasbestos remediation, we can say that with theremovalthe material will be physically removed, eliminating all risks associated with it. With encapsulation, asbestos is impregnated with penetrating and covering products, capable of isolating the material and preventing the asbestos disperse in the air. Therereclamation of eternitythroughconfinementconsists in installing barriers in order to isolate the pollutant from the environment, it is the most "invasive" technique.

Before proceeding with one or the other plan ofeternity reclamation, it will be necessary to carry out a careful assessment of the situation in which theasbestos. This preliminary assessment will be used to draw up a specific planeternity disposal; in the project ofquenching and temperingall the details of the procedure must be reported, from any disassembly to the final placement in the landfill, or, in the case of encapsulation, to the materials used for this procedure.

If you are going todispose of eternit with the DIY, be careful to wear suitable clothing such as work clothes and protective masks. Dismantling eternity independently is by no means an easy task, furthermore, once the work is completed, you will need to contact a specialized collection center where you can deliver theasbestosremoved.

  • Eternity removal

Forreclaim eternit, removal is the most used procedure. Removal eliminates any risk related toasbestosbut there are disadvantages: who will take care of theasbestos removalwill be exposed to a high risk of inhalation of asbestos fibers, moreover environmental contaminants and toxic waste are produced which are difficult to dispose of. Another non-negligible disadvantage is related to the removal and disposal costs which, depending on the circumstances, can be very high. Fortunately, thanks to tax deductions for restructuring interventions it will be possible to amortize part of the expense.

  • Eternit encapsulation

Encapsulation is a treatment with penetrating or covering products that allow to incorporate the fibers ofasbestosby means of a kind of protective film exposed on the surface. Costs and intervention times are lower than thequenching and temperingthroughremovalFurthermore, it is not necessary to apply a substitute material and consequently no toxic waste is produced. The disadvantage of this methodology ofeternity reclamationlies in stability, as the encapsulation requires periodic checks and maintenance: the encapsulation can be damaged or worn.

  • Asbestos confinement

The confinement consists in placing a sealed barrier that can divide the areas that are used inside the building from the areas where theasbestos. The confinement process is accompanied by encapsulation so as to prevent asbestos fibers from being released within the area. Even with theconfinement of asbestosit is necessary to draw up a control and maintenance plan but here the risks are lower because a barrier resistant to shocks is created. Thereasbestos remediationby confinement is recommended only for easily accessible materials placed in confined areas. The costs are accessible unless the intervention requires the transfer of electrical, ventilation or thermo-hydraulic systems.

How to dispose of eternity
Forreclaim the eternalit will no longer be possible to access any asbestos bonusbut until 2016 it will be possible to count on the tax deductions related to the restructuring. It is possible to learn more about:asbestos removal bonuses, updates.

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