Noni juice, where to buy it and how to take it

Noni juice, where to buy it and how to take it

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Lately we hear a lot about the noni juice, a drink with almost miraculous virtues that is obtained from the fruit of the Morinda Citrifolia plant, also famous with the name of Indian mulberry. It is a juice rich in vitamins and other precious nutrients including calcium, linoleic acid, anthraquinone, magnesium, pectin, beta-carotene proteins, beta-sitosterols and tyrosine. In the countries of origin it is known as a "plant that calms pain" or "plant for headaches".

Noni juice, beneficial properties
Noni juice, since it is marketed as a food, by law cannot absolutely declare healing properties, but it is indisputable to say that it is a concentrate of proteins, sugars and antioxidants, therefore it has the benefits of a food supplement.

Recently, the Food and Drug Administration has included Noni in GRAS, the list that records all substances considered safe for the world population.
Although the health benefits are not yet scientifically proven, it seems that noni juice is very effective for problems such as back pain, headaches, cystitis, but also to increase the immune system and to help sleep.
According to experts, the juice would be able to prevent stroke, heart attack and slow down Alzheimer's.
On the internet, you will find thousands of testimonials from people who claim to have achieved incredible results after starting to take noni juice.

Perhaps the placebo effect for this drink is very high, however, research done on about 10,000 people has shown that actual improvements in health were found in 70% of cases. The benefits have been highlighted: in the sexual sphere, in digestive problems, in cases of asthenia, in the reduction of pain, in the drop in high blood pressure, in the presence of allergies, problems related to sleep and stress.

Noni juice, where to buy it
The noni juice on the market is available in herbalist's shops and in shops that deal with organic products. You can find it in various "formats": glass or plastic bottle, capsules, tablets, sachets, powder and herbal tea.
There are different brands on the market, one of the best known is BluePacific; it is 100% pure, without the addition of water and without any type of preservative. On the market you will find noni juices at a very low price, in this case I would advise you to be wary: they are watered down, with the addition of sugar and pasteurized.

How to take noni juice
To fully enjoy its benefits, the drink should be taken continuously for at least two months and preferably on an empty stomach to avoid disturbances with other foods. After drinking it, it is preferable to fast for at least 30-40 minutes to have ideal absorption conditions.
As for the dosage, the instructions provided by the manufacturer must be followed. Avoid drinking it with milk, coffee, tea or alcohol in order not to compromise the correct absorption of the substances contained.

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