Green building in Restructura

Green building in Restructura

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The demonstration Restructura, a reference point for companies and professionals in the field of renovation and building recovery, has many ideas in the field green building. One of the most interesting is the Restructour that allow you to visit the construction sites of some important renovations and redevelopment of buildings in progress in the Turin area.

Among the most interesting things about the Restructours, the new one near zero energy nursery school under construction in Carignano, which will replace two now obsolete locations, and the redevelopment of an industrial building in Grugliasco with the construction of a wood and straw insulation coat, which will make it possible to reduce the building's energy needs by over 80%. Below the info.

Restructura 2014 takes place from 27 to 30 November in Turin at the Oval of Lingotto Fiere, every day from 10 to 20. In 2013, over 300 exhibitors and 16,000 professionals including companies, designers and real estate operators participated. About 12 thousand square meters occupied in total and over 50 conferences on topics of national importance.

Great news of this 27th edition of Restructura is that the event expands its field of action and opens its doors to the real estate sector, addressing the issue of real estate for the first time. That's why in the four days there will also be experts in real estate marketing, ready to answer visitors' questions and direct them towards the best choices to make when looking for a home.

As part of the RI-ABITARE le Alpi project, presented in 2013 in Restructura, the main topic will be 'Life and Work', in the field not only of construction, but also of crafts and agriculture. Key theme: the occupation of the territory and the redevelopment and rehabilitation systems of entire Alpine villages through various activities.

Great attention is also paid to the entire wood supply chain. TO Restructura we will talk about biomass, but not only. Wood from the woods of Piedmont is particularly suitable for both construction and artisanal production purposes. It is important that the certified wood of the territory is exploited to the maximum.

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