How to grow Christmas trees

How to grow Christmas trees

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How to grow Christmas trees: those who do not want to give up the tradition of the authentic tree can follow our suggestions forcultivation of Christmas trees. When we talk aboutChristmas trees we refer towhite and red firswho in the Christmas period see aboomin sales with a turnover of 140 million euros (figure estimated byColdiretti).

In order to be sure to use aChristmas treeto be able to transplant in open ground or continue togrow in potseven after the periodChristmas, we recommend purchasing it from a trusted nursery and not from street vendors who too often supply youfirsnot cultivable.

How to choose the Christmas tree to grow

There are three types of Christmas trees on the market

  • Growing Christmas trees.
  • Christmas treessayings "cimali”(Trees without roots) from authorized forest thinning.
  • Christmas trees“Tops” from unauthorized thinning.

The Christmas treeswithout roots derive from cultivation interventions ofsfolliand thinning or pruning essential for the survival of thewoods. Most ofChristmas treeson the market, rootless, they come from sfolli authorized byState Forestry Corps.Conversely, a small part of theChristmas treeswithout roots come from unauthorized thinning.


Who intends to start acultivationwill have to choose aChristmas treewith root, which can be transplanted at the end of the Christmas holidays. In this context, a new classification must be made: in Italy they are marketedChristmas treeswith root grown in our country or imported. Who intends grow Christmas treesmust prefer homegrown products as thefirsfrom imports come from Northern and Eastern Europe and therefore require even more rigid climates and are more difficult tocultivatewith our climate.

Pay attention to the label
The Christmas treescultivated (with root) are marked with an identification coupon which indicates, in addition to the name of the nursery and the place of origin, also the species they belong to and age.

Why does the Christmas tree die?

Very often theChristmas treehe dies because he can't resist the stress of the holidays. Who intendsgrow Christmas treeseven after the holidays, it will do well to follow some precautions during the holidays. TheChristmas treessuffer a lot from:

  • too heavy decorations that can break the branches
  • decorations that affect the surface of the leaves (artificial snow, dye sprays ...)
  • high temperatures (heating)
  • low light
  • unsuitable soil
  • lack of humidity (the domestic air is too dry, especially in the presence of heating)
  • absence of irrigation

Who intendsgrow Christmas treesyou will have to store them in a bright, cool place away from any heat source or air current.


All other information for planting the Christmas tree after the holidays can be found in our article "How to take care of the Christmas tree.

Video: Planting 500 Christmas Trees at Michigan Pines Farm. our first fall. how to plant pine trees (June 2022).


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