Fertilizers for succulents

Fertilizers for succulents

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When to fertilize succulents? Succulent plants go fertilized between March and April, when the last winter frosts are over and, for many, the moment of flowering is approaching, once the vegetative pause is over; but what are thefertilizers more suitable for fat plants? Let's see them now along with other valuable information.

From mid-March it is possible to bring thefat plantsgrown in pots that, during the previous autumn, you hospitalized in a protected environment just as we explained to you in the articlehow to protect succulents from the cold. March is a delicate month, therefore, still take care to shelter them from rain and any late frosts, especially if you live in Northern Italy. No problem, however, for thecold-resistant succulents.

For fat plants such as Agave, Aloe, Ariocarpus, Astrophylum, Cereus, Copiapoa, Echinocactus, Ferocactus, Leuchtembergia, Mamillaria, Notocactus and Opunthia (shown in the photo above), exposure to the sun must occur gradually otherwise they could appear burns on the plant.

The species ofsucculent plantsbelonging to the genresCrassula, Echeveria, Euphorbia, Gymnocalycium and Stapelia. The succulents belonging to the genera Aporocactus, Epiphyllum, Hoya, Schlumbergera should be placed in a shady position (bright shade).

Fertilize succulents

At the dawn of spring, to awaken thefat plantsfromwinter vegetative rest, you can proceed with a first irrigation; only when the soil has completely dried (in terracotta pots the water dries earlier than the plastic) will it be possible tofertilization.

At the time of the second irrigation, resume fertilizing in order to stimulate the plant.

Fertilizers for succulents

The firstfertilizationof the year will see the administration of a product with a high phosphorus content such as, for examplemineral superphosphate-18at a dose of 1 gram per liter, this intervention is recommended especially for succulents with flowers, the phosphorus will stimulate its flowering.

After waking up and this beforefertilization, thefat plantsthey go fertilized every 4-5 weeks. THE fertilizers more suitable are those with a low nitrogen content, such as NPK 6-18-36 or 5-15-30 (Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium) with the addition of microelements. Such fertilizer for succulents it must be dissolved in water at a dose of 1-2 grams per liter, in any case we always recommend that you read the manufacturer's instructions specified on the back of the package.

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