Healing a wound, natural remedies

Healing a wound, natural remedies

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There are many on the market products in cream or in the form of dietary supplements that they promise toquickly heal a wound. Apart from pharmaceutical products, it is possible to resort to to treat a wound natural healing agents.

Before understanding how to heal a wound quickly, try to rationally evaluate the damage: if it is a deep cut, after washing the wound and applied a bandage, go immediately to the emergency room where they will be able to treat you properly by applying any stitches to bring the flaps together.

Healing a wound

In case of wound, rinse the injured area with fresh water, taking care to regulate the pressurejetof water directed on the wound, too high pressure could worsen the damage. After washing the wound, disinfect it with hydrogen peroxide or other disinfectant products for wounds alcohol-free so you don't feel any burning.

  • Salvia helps fight infections and a heal wounds faster.
  • Aloe vera can be very useful forheal a wound, it is not by chance that there are preparations based onaloe gel. Those who have an aloe plant can extract the gel from it and apply it to the wound daily.
  • As an alternative to Aloe vera gel, it is possible to use the extract from the blades of the prickly pear. This is a very ancient natural remedy: pick up a prickly pear shovel, paying close attention to the thorns. Cut it in half and remove the gelatinous part so as to rest it on the wound for a few minutes. Cover the wound with a bandage.
  • Lemon also appears to be useful forheal wounds in a natural way, the lemon, in fact, has antiseptic and healing properties. The negative aspect is due to the inevitable burning it causes on wounds.
  • Other healing plants in natural medicine are St. John's wort (stimulates epithelialization), plantain or castor.

Therescarringit is a healing process of injured tissues which, in order to take place in the best possible way, must maintain an adequate nutritional state, in the daily diet must not be missing:proteins, vitamins and trace elements.

Among the vitamins, vitamins C (which favors the synthesis of collagen) and vitamin E must not be missing, while the minerals of primary importance are copper, zinc and iron.

You have to leave it uncovered woundor is it necessary to cover it with gauze?
Bandaging wounds that are still open, in some cases, could facilitate the onset of infection. It is advisable to keep wounds in the healing phase uncovered, but only if you are in a clean environment like the home one.

If you have to go to the beach, to the gym or to dusty places, apply a temporary dressing. On the contrary, wounds that are bleeding or already infected must instead be covered and treated to avoid worsening the infection.

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