Waste management and producer responsibility

Waste management and producer responsibility

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Whoever develops, manufactures, transforms, treats, sells or imports products is in some way responsible for waste management that from those products derive? According to the European Community, yes and that is why the principle of the so-called 'extended producer responsibility’.

But the Extended Producer Responsibility it is truly a tool that will help Italy achieve the 2020 objectives set by the EU on waste management? And if we want to give a positive answer to this first question, who are the actors called to respond to this obligation? And, again, what is the best way to make sure that the waste management doesn't it become a cost to society?

Italy has yet to answer these questions while in 2014 the process of reviewing the European regulatory framework is underway in view of the recycling and waste management set for 2020:

  • 50% total recycling of paper, plastics, metals, glass, wood and the organic fraction of municipal solid waste;
  • 70% recycling of construction and demolition waste.

Without forgetting that by 2018 Italy, like all other member countries, is called upon to reduce the transfer of biodegradable waste to final disposal.

Faced with these objectives, can Extended Producer Responsibility represent an effective economic lever also in terms of prevention and in the production of increasingly recyclable goods-goods-products? And it can decrease the waste production, as well as minimizing their danger? And above all how?

Certainly an efficient one waste management it can make the costs sustainable and the extended liability for refusal less onerous. It remains to understand which are the appropriate intervention policies and make the system more efficient waste management. The role of the public and of the various consortia also remains to be defined.

This is what we talk about atNational Programming Assembly on Extended Producer Responsibility on the 16th at the ENEA headquarters in Rome. The meeting is part of the calendar of appointments for States General of the Green Economy 2014 which will take place as part of EcoMondo Key Energy on November 5-6 in Rimini.

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