Optical fiber or ADSL: what is worth it?

Optical fiber or ADSL: what is worth it?

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Optic fiber or ADSL, what is it worth? The question becomes more and more pressing for those who want to change their Internet subscription or want to access the Internet for the first time.

The investment that the major operators on the market also does not go unnoticed with the optic fiber - especially Fastweb, Telecom and Vodafone - are investing heavily in an attempt to reduce the digital divide in Italy by putting their flag on the results.

The technology chosen for the cabling in optic fiber it is above all the Fttc, or Fiber to the cabinet, which involves the minimum of inconvenience for both citizens and administrations. In fact, the 'street cabinets' are in fact connected to the network through the existing infrastructures above all, minimizing the laying of new cables, and from these the houses can be connected without too many problems.

Optical fiber vs ADSL

In exercise the optic fiber has significant advantages overADSL, both in terms of download speed (for example Fastweb's UltraFibra option, free for a certain number of months and then at 5 euros per month, reaches up to 100 Mbit / s) and upload.

If the download speed is the one to check to have, for example, a streaming without interruptions due to annoying buffering with services such as Sky Online, the upload speed is essential to interact better with services often essential to companies such as the cloud or telepresence.

To give an example, the optic fiber by Vodafone allows you to reach up to 20 Mbit / s upload speed, while usually ADSL common hardly exceed the single Mbit / s.

The big point in favor ofADSL compared to optic fiber it is obviously greater accessibility, as well as a lower monthly fee. There optic fiber for now it is mainly limited to major cities, while theADSL it covers a much higher percentage of the territory.

Optic fiber or ADSL, on the rate comparator of IdeeGreen you can still compare all the different options.

Finally, we must not forget the competition from the mobile Internet, which is growing sharply above all in Italy. With the new 4G LTE technologies, the top speed of a connection via smartphone or key could also exceed that of the optic fiber currently faster.

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