Poppy, properties and benefits

Poppy, properties and benefits

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Poppy, properties and benefits: poppy-based natural DIY remedies. Advice on plant cultivation and seed properties.

Poppy, properties and benefits: thepoppy, Papaver rhoeas is an annual herb that grows up to 60 cm. It is characterized by a thin and hairy stem, engraved leaves and red, sometimes pink flowers, with round petals covered at the base by a black spot.

The fruit of thepoppyit consists of an oval capsule placed in the center of the flower which contains tiny seeds widespread in the culinary and herbal fields.

The caule, once etched, produces a white latex, a resulting substancestickyto the touch. Thepoppyit is easily found in cultivated wheat fields or fallow fields. It grows up to the submontane area and blooms between March and August.

To make the most of theproperties of the poppy flowers and capsules are used. In the culinary field, ipoppy seeds, used, among other things, to enrich bread, pizzas and focaccias.

Let's start by seeing what are the bioactive substances contained in the poppy, their impact on the human body, the natural remedies that we can prepare with the DIY and, finally, how to use poppy seeds.

Poppy, active principles

The active ingredients of thePapaver rhoes.

  • Gallic acid
  • Malic acid
  • Roedic monoic acid
  • Mucilage
  • Readin alkaloid

Poppy, Property

Thanks to the active ingredients listed above, thepoppymay include the followingpropertybeneficial:

  • Calming properties
  • Bachic properties
  • Expectorants
  • Sedative
  • Sleepy
  • Bibs
  • Dyes

How to prepare one natural cough syrup

By exploiting the property expectorants of thepoppyyou can prepare one natural syrup calming cough.

Pour a liter of boiling water over 400 grams of fresh flowers. Leave the flowers to infuse for 12 hours in a covered container. Add 500 grams of sugar and let it boil until it reaches the consistency of syrup. It is recommended to consume two tablespoons a day.

How to prepare a natural remedy for insomnia

Thanks to property sedative and sleep-inducing poppy, it is possible to prepare an infusion useful against insomnia. Infuse 15 grams of poppy flowers in a liter of water for 10 minutes. It is recommended to drink a cup of it before going to bed. Alternatively, to appease nervousness, it is possible to infuse 5 g of flowers in 250 ml of water.

Natural remedyto firm the skin and prevent wrinkles

For external use: it is possible to prepare compresses based onpoppy. These packs can help us firm up the skin. The pack is prepared by infusing 60 grams of poppy flowers per liter of water for 10 minutes. Dip a cloth handkerchief in the liquid preparation and then apply it to the affected area.

Thepoppy in the kitchen, recipes

Who is on the hunt forpoppy-based recipes, must know that the sprouts harvested in spring can be cooked just like spinach. Alternatively, omelettes and minestrone can be flavored with the sprouts. The fresh petals can be used to color syrups and drinks.

The source of this information is theWWF recommended manualby Pino Eremita,Spontaneous Officinal Flora of the Apennines - The herbs of the Partenio Park.

Poppy seeds, properties

THEpoppy seedshave properties of their own. The seed, in fact, is rich in accumulation substances that the plant collects in the endosperm to allow the germination of the future seedling.

THEpoppy seedsthey are rich in calcium and vitamin E. Like the other parts of the plant, the seeds also exert a sedative and calming effect. Plus, I'm a source offatty acids and vegetable proteins.

In particular, iseedsthey provide manganese, calcium, linoleic acid (Omega 6) and vitamin E. Poppy seeds contain phytosterols, substances capable of reducing the concentration of cholesterol in the body. The strong presence of B vitamins makes poppy seeds very useful for those looking for a natural supplement of micronutrients.

THE poppy seedsthey can be used for rustic baked products (bread, pizza, focaccia ...) and for sweet products, muffins or citron, orange or lemon-based cakes. The combination of citrus and poppy seeds is well established in pastry.

In Italy, Trentino Alto Adige has a typical dessert enriched with these ingredients, it is the poppy seed strudel.

Existblack poppy seedsiswhites. Even if they differ in color, they do not change them in any wayproperty nor the nutritional elements provided.

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