Natural products for cleaning the house

In hygiene products and house cleaning a deadly chemical arsenal hides. Replacing part of these products with simpler and more natural substances is good for our health and also for the environment around us.

The problem is obviously not the chemistry, which in itself is neither bad nor good, but the use that is made of it. Synthetic chemicals for the house cleaning, especially the most aggressive, are often designed to achieve the result in a short time, at the cost of a certain toxicity for people and the environment.

With natural remedies for house cleaning, which some call alternative but which in reality are the real traditional ones (synthetic chemistry came later), the same result is achieved but more time is needed as a necessary ingredient in synergy with the product. However, they do not have the contraindications of the corresponding synthetic chemicals.

The chemicals we use at home can be grouped into four main categories, which helps to keep them under observation and to look for their natural alternatives from time to time. There are:

  • detergents and specific products for hygiene and house cleaning;
  • insecticides against cockroaches, mosquitoes and ants;
  • products for maintenance and DIY;
  • products for plants and gardening;
  • personal hygiene and cosmetic products.

For each of these categories there are natural substances and products that perform the same function as synthetic products, obtain the same cleaning result and do not hurt. Cleaning house it will also become less annoying, especially since there will no longer be the risk of poisoning.

A few examples? Simple vinegar can be used as an anti-limescale: the only difference is that it must be left in contact with the surfaces to be cleaned for several hours and cannot be activated instantly like caustic corrosive detergents. To gush out a sink, you can use the good old sucker, or throw boiling water down the drain after pouring half a kilo of coarse salt.

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