Stellar recycling for the Hera Group

Stellar recycling for the Hera Group

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The Hera Group, a leading company in Emilia Romagna in energy, environmental and water services continues to invest to promote the culture of recycling and promote its application on Refusologist, which explains how to properly recycle each type of waste.

To carry out the campaign of viral marketing Hera turned to the creatives ofMagillaGuerrilla who made the video "Star Recycling" a really funny and highly interactive video.

The video, referring to the Star Wars saga, focuses on the actions that Gianni, a young man forced to get rid of all the accumulated waste in record time, due to an early return of his girlfriend.

The choices of users on the behavior of the protagonist regarding where to throw a certain waste determine the evolution of the plot in an interactive way. The idea of ​​the young Jedi Knight accompanied by Obi-Wan Kenobi proved to be successful and generated a rapid spread of the video on the net.

But here's the video "Star Recycling" ... have fun! :-)

Hera's refusalologist: creativity and YouTube seeding by MagillaGuerrilla

MagillaGuerrilla oversaw the implementation of the viral marketing project in every aspect: from the creative ideation of the stroytelling, to the strategic planning, from the realization of the video, in partnership with the production companies MaxMan and Elenfant Film, up to the viral diffusion of the product through the video seeding.

The application "il Refusologist”Of the Hera Group is available on iTunes in the version for iPhone and iPad and on the Google Play Store in the version for Android.

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Video: ITV Anglia: The company recycling coffee grounds into heat logs (May 2022).