Broadband and mobile telephony: Italy shines in Europe

On fixed broadband the digital divide in Italy is still very large and, as a European Commission report highlighted, there is still a long way to go. In fact, despite the investments made by the various operators, the growth of the broadband connection it is still much lower than the European average.

The report, however, highlighted another important fact, which this time concerns mobile telephony and which finally rewards us. In mobile broadband Italy is in fact at the forefront with a penetration of 66.3%, double that of 2011 and higher than the EU average, which stands at 61.1%.

This means that while from home or office it is difficult to overcome obstacles, smartphones and tablets fly in broadband connection thanks to 3G HSDPA, 4G, LTE; a fact that on balance is not surprising given the historical passion of Italian consumers for mobile phones and similar devices.

Among the novelties, Telecom presented the latest evolution of the mobile digital broadband network, the LTE Advanced, available on an experimental basis on Tim's 4G and capable of transmitting data up to 180 Mbit / s in download.

Do you remember the times when connecting in tethering via your smartphone meant - as well as an often dramatic expense - slow and intermittent navigation? And the Internet sticks were the last hope for the connection when there was no ADSL? Well you can forget them, water under the bridge.

Today with the new evolutions of the mobile Internet a broadband connection you can watch ultra-high definition streaming videos with 4k image quality, without interruptions and rebuffering, take advantage of the full potential of cloud computing and advanced features such as telepresence.

Italy for once plays an important role in this revolution a broadband connection and it is not being caught unprepared, with coverage of 97% of the population and growth in LTE networks of 131%.

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