Rock alum, uses and contraindications

Rock alum, uses and contraindications

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L'rock alumorpotassium alum, has a less known nomenclature, its scientific name in fact isdouble sulphate of aluminum and potassium dodecahydrate,it is a mixed salt of aluminum and potassium made from sulfuric acid. The appearance ofrock alum it is that of a colorless and odorless solid.

Applications of rock alum or potassium alum
Potassium alum is used in various fields.

  • Before the advent of toxic dyes used by the textile industry, to fix the colors, therock alum. Today thepotassium alumit is used only by those who intend to prepare natural dyes to color different fabrics such as silk or wool.
  • It is used as DIY deodorant for the body and as a natural remedy for foot odor.
  • It is used as an absorber in the refrigerator.
  • It is used as a hypoallergenic and hemostatic personal deodorant.
  • It is used as an aftershave for its astringent and haemostatic properties.
  • It is mistakenly used as a mild remedy for pimples.
  • It is used as a natural remedy for reassurance (epistaxis, nasal bleeding), in this case a wet handkerchief is soaked withrock alumin powder.
  • In the medical field it is used for the preparation of various vaccines.

Rock alum Carcinogenic

L'rock alum hurts? The alleged is very debatabletoxicityofrock alum. There are many controversies about a possible effectcarcinogen of rock alum but in reality they have not been highlightedcontraidicationswhen rock alum is used for topical use. There are many discordant opinions even among the same experts in the sector and everything has not been proven by specific research.

Rock alum Contraindications

The most serious contraindications proven are those related to the ingestion ofrock alum. If thepotassium alum is inadvertently ingested can cause various gastrointestinal disorders.

The only onecontraindicationofrock alumused for dermatological use occurs when use is protracted over time: therock alumit temporarily stops sweating and is contraindicated in the long term as sweat is a natural physiological process necessary for our body. For the same reason it iscontraindicatedto those suffering from high blood pressure.

Rock alum where to buy it

L'rock alumit can be easily purchased in herbal medicine and pharmacy. On ebay there are stones of rock alumfrom 230 grams topriceof 4 euros.

Rock alum Chemical formula
There chemical formulaofpotassium alumis KAl (SO4)2 12H2O. It is noted that the term "alum" refers to the double sulphate (2 molecules of SO4) of a monovalent and a trivalent metal (K and Al, potassium and aluminum) dodecahydrates (with 12 water molecules, 12H2OR). Hence the IUPAC nomenclature double sulphate of aluminum and potassium dodecahydrate.

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