Swim with dolphins in Italy

Swim with dolphins in Italy

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Swim with dolphins in Italy, as already happens in other countries of the world, it becomes possible thanks to the Decree of 20/12/2017 published in the Official Gazette.

The Decree provides for limitations with the following text:

... allowed entry into the tank for those participating in public education and awareness raising activities on biodiversity conservation with dolphins, as part of specific initiatives planned within the structures in possession of the zoological garden license they hold dolphins“.

However, it remains quite difficult to make sure that education activities are not really just a facade, instead feeding the lucrative monetary potential of an attraction that is in great demand by the public but that does not combine well with the open spaces that dolphins need to stay in excellent health. .

For this reason, the LAV immediately took sides against this new decree by planning various demonstrative protest actions.

The Galletti Ministry of the Environment reiterated that "Bathing with dolphins is allowed only for "environmental education projects" approved by the three ministries that signed the decree. That for "recreational purposes" is prohibited“.

Where to swim with dolphins in Italy

However, we will soon be able to see which marine parks in Italy will be where you can swim with dolphins.

To date, no one has yet decided to offer this opportunity.

The Zoomarine park, located on the outskirts of Rome, which even has two dolphins in its logo, offers a show in which the dolphins perform spectacular evolutions under the guidance of their instructors but do not allow any contact in the tank between dolphins and visitors.

Zoomarine has also proved sensitive to the problems of dolphins by financing studies and ensuring the well-being of the specimens housed in the park, so we do not believe it likely that it will be among the parks that decide to take advantage of the possibility of offering a bath with dolphins.

In this official video you can get an idea of ​​a show with dolphins as absolute protagonists offered by Zoomarine:

Another successful park, theOltremare of Riccione, offers a show in which dolphins perform jumps and tricks and two interactive programs:Trainer for a day isMeet the dolphin thanks to which you can live the incredible experience of communicating with the wonderful dolphins of Oltremare.

Here is the official video of the show:

To find the park closest to Italy where you can swim with dolphins, you need to go to Malta, at Mediterraneo Marine Park, to date the only structure in the Mediterranean that allows the complete experience ofswimming with dolphins.

The price is 120 euros thanks to which the visitor will be able to attend a preparatory session on the approach to dolphins, wear the suits and finally dive into the pool.

Once in the pool, under the guidance of the instructors, it will be possible to caress thedolphins, familiarize yourself with the Bottlenose dolphins until you receive a kiss. After putting on the masks, it will be possibleto swimfreely next to thedolphins.

We recall that the extremely friendly attitude ofdolphins it is not natural but the result of a long series of training. For this reason instead of bathe with dolphins in an artificial swimming pool, why not think ofswim with dolphinsin their natural habitat? This is undoubtedly a more expensive but certainly more authentic alternative that safeguards dolphin friends!

Photo | Mediterraneo Marine Park, Malta

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