10 plants that purify the air in your home

10 plants that purify the air in your home

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For purify the domestic air there is no need to purchase special devices; just ask nature for help! Dust, bacteria and fungi are extremely volatile and the situation worsens if the air in your home is stale and stale. In this regard we will show you 10 plants that purify the air of the house in a healthy and effective way.

Plants or not, the first rule to be respected is to open the windows in the house at least 10 minutes a day: this precaution prevents the formation of mold in the corners of the walls, moreover gas and micro dust come out to let in clean and fresh air. Even the vapors from the bathroom, the kitchen, the smoke from cigarettes must be expelled, in order to restore healthier air.
The best time to change the air is after the storm, when the air is enriched with negative ions and is purified.

Plants that purify the air of the house, the list
Why resort to plants? Their presence not only ensures a touch of elegance in the home but also makes the home air healthier; they are able to humidify and purify environments, as they capture volatile harmful substances and demolish them. Some studies conducted by NASA have shown that some types of plants are able to break down sulfur dioxide, formaldehyde, benzene, trichlorethylene, sulfur dioxide, toluene and other decidedly toxic substances.
This process occurs thanks to chlorophyll photosynthesis: during the day the plants take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen. At night the exact opposite happens, so we advise against keeping them in the bedroom.
What are the plants to keep at home?

1) Aloe vera
Very robust plant that requires very little water and maintenance. It likes moderate temperatures and tolerates high temperatures very well: keep it indoors in the winter, not close to the heating, and outside in the summer but never in the beating sun, always in dim light. Aloe absorbs formaldehyde.

2) Chamaedorea, Kenzia
Very resistant plant that requires little water. It is very effective in the absorption of benzene and formaldehyde.

3) Chrysanthemum
It absorbs trichlorethylene and ammonia.
4) Dracaena Compact
Absorbs benzene, formaldehyde and trichlorethylene.

5) Dracaena marginata
Absorbs trichlorethylene and benzene

6) Ivy
Absorbs benzene and trichlorethylene

7) Ficus beniamina
Absorbs formaldehyde. It requires a lot of light and cannot stand drafts

8) Gerbera
It absorbs trichlorethylene, carbon monoxide and benzene.

9) Pothos
It absorbs formaldehyde and is also suitable for poorly lit places.

10) Spatillo
Absorbs benzene and formaldehyde

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