Change telephone operator? It is convenient

Change telephone operator? It is convenient

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Change telephone operator can be very convenient, especially for those who signed up for a subscription in 2013. According to the average of the new offers on the market, those who decide today to switch to another mobile phone provider can in fact get a lower fee than in 2013 and with a dowry of higher data traffic in gigabytes.

It must be said that the operators they are still rather stingy in including GB of traffic in telephone offers, but the purse strings have loosened a bit and it is more common to find offers with 2.3 or even 5 GB of Internet traffic included. It clearly seems to me the sign of greater openness towards customers who increasingly use their smartphone to call and surf together.

According to the Sos Rates Observatory, in 2014 the fees for mobile phone offers (excluding promotions) decreased by 23 percent. At the same time, the number of offers with unlimited minutes and messages has doubled.

Again compared to 2013 there is also the reduction in departure fees which, with the introduction of 'short' offers with less than 100 minutes or 100 text messages included, in some cases fell below 5 euros per month. Our rate comparator can help you find the mobile phone offer that best suits your needs.

Change telephone operator it can also be convenient to take advantage of promotions and discounts that do not have to do directly with the telephone or the Internet.

This is the case for example of ERG Mobile, which with the 350 package L makes available 350 (real) minutes of phone calls to everyone for 8 euros / month, 350 text messages to everyone and up to 6 euros discount on fuel at ERG stations (10 cents / liter up to a maximum of 60 liters / month ). There is also the 350 Plus package XL which at 10 euros / month includes 1 GB of data traffic.

ERG Mobile is focusing heavily on its SIM that saves on fuel and phone calls. The Plan 10+, free for those who activate a new ERG Mobile SIM by 30 September 2014, includes 0 / cent connection fee, telephone calls at 10 cents / min to all, 10 cents / sms to all and a discount of 10 cents / liter for each refueling with simultaneous charging of the phone.

Who is already a customer can switch to the Plan 10+ at a cost of 10 euros. For those who activate the Package 350, the 350 Plus package or the Floor 10 More by 30 June 2014, ERG Mobile has provided additional discounts on fuel.

Rates such as those of ERG Mobile that combine an affordable rate plan with discounts on some products, for example fuel, make it even more convenient change telephone operator. This despite the fact that companies have reduced promotions on number portability (a sort of armistice after the no-holds-barred war of recent years) and in some cases have inserted clauses against double portability.

What is double portability is easy to say: if I see that my operator has a good offer for those who do the portability, I ask to switch to another operator and I immediately go back. In this way I take advantage of the offer. The company loses the customer for only a few days, but takes on administrative and promotional costs. Many operators have already said stop to this 'trick'.

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