UBSOUND Fighter: our review

UBSOUND Fighter: our review

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This in-ear earphone for listening to the music that I mention is called Fighter and I like it mainly for two reasons.

The first is the technical quality of sound diffusion which makes it suitable for the most demanding audiophiles and, dare I say, also for music professionals.

The second reason is that it is produced by an Italian start-up, UBSOUND, which has decided to challenge the trendiest foreign brands of the moment on a terrain where Made in Italy is not at the top. But given the product I would bet that the results will be good.

A third reason is the decidedly urban-syle design, but at the same time elegant. I confess that for me, who am a bit old style, this aspect is not at the top, but I understand its importance. And anyway it gives the UBSOUND fighter a touch of Italian style.

To the little one UBSOUND have worked well in creating an in-ear headset capable of minimizing the confusion of musical details and the consequent 'flattening' of the melodies. Fighter keeps the sound quality alive and I realize that a lot of development and design work must have been required to do that.

That the launch of UBSOUND Fighter happens now in early summer, it is no coincidence. Alla UBSOUND they are young but not inexperienced: this is most of all the season in which music is listened to in the open air, perhaps on the beach or doing sports. And a good headset becomes necessary, perhaps even to replace the old one that is no longer up to par.

Between us, with this idea of ​​focusing on quality they could do a bang: the earphones market is growing exponentially with a turnover in Italy of over 20 million euros and one and a half million potential users.

UBSOUND Fighter it costs € 69.90 at launch, a price that is not low in my opinion. You buy it online on Amazon (you can click below) and they deliver it to your home at no additional cost. It is available in four colors: red, blue, black and metallic white.

Ubsound Fighter red

Ubsound Fighter blue

Ubsound Fighter black

Ubsound Fighter white metallic

Video: Clone Orchestra - Joe Penna (May 2022).