Flat LED lamps, consume little and cost less

Flat LED lamps, consume little and cost less

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Theflat LED lampscan boast certificationEnergy Star and have a shape that differs from that of classic light bulbs. It is thanks to the shape that theflat LED lampsarrive on the market with a price of less than 2 euros, undoubtedly the cheapest LED bulbs on the market.

Until today, allLED bulbsproposals on the market have the classic rounded shape "bulb"While with theLED lamps flat, the collective imagination will have to redesignthe shape of the lamp.

The classic rounded shape applied to LED technology is not effective: the LEDs are subject to overheating and need more surface to dissipate heat. Until today, theled lampsproposals on the market have kept the classic bulb shape but with a strong increase on the price precisely because the manufacturers were forced to use expensive metal heat sinks. The news comes fromPhilipsthat by patenting a model offlat shape LED bulbhas managed to solve the problem of overheating and put on the market ofLED lamps low cost, the so-called lampsSlimStyle.

The LED bulbsSlimStyle, at the time of the debut they cost around 6.50 euros. Thanks to the Energy Star certification, these bulbs are offered from 1.50 euros.

Theseflat LED lamps, with an innovative patent and unusual shape, they are cheap, last a long time and consume very little. For now they can only be purchased in the United States but soon they should also arrive in Italy.

Thanks to the new patent, other companies will also be able to proposeLED lampslow price. The use ofLED bulbssaves a large amount of electricity and thus reduces the "electricity bill"And global pollution.

Theprice of LED lamps
At first theLED lampshave entered the market with totally unsustainable prices! Over time, different manufacturers have offeredLED lamps more accessible up to the very cheapflat LED lamps Philips SlimStyle.

While waiting for the Philips SlimStyle to arrive also in Italy, we have to settle for more expensive LED lamps. Here are some examples:LED bulb Samsung, with E27 bulb and which consumes 10.8 W of power and emits 810 lumens of white light, is offered on the web at a price of 17 euros. For prices and gains in terms of energy efficiency, please refer to the article about LED bulbs for the home. Among the more expensive models on the market there are those with wireless control, an example is thePhilips LED lampwith remote management; Philips offers a wide range ofLED lamps intended for every need.

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