How much does a photovoltaic roof cost?

How much does a photovoltaic roof cost?

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How much does a photovoltaic roof cost? Today we bring you a practical example of module choice, installation and prices. It is not necessary to have an electric car to set up a roof or aphotovoltaic garage. Photovoltaic systems are one of the best solutions to efficiently convert light energy into electricity. Savings on the bill are guaranteed, you just need to optimize the use of the surfaces to be allocated to the solar modules as much as possible.

A useful surface for the installation of solar panels is given by the roof of the garage. An example is given by a private house in Moncrivello (VC), where the Pnasonic team installed a 4.5 kwp system right on the roof of a garage Wood. Thus a highly efficient was bornphotovoltaic garage.

The client had the purpose of setting up a photovoltaic system capable of producing 5,000 kWh per year, equal to the current historical annual consumption. The only way to achieve the required power was to maximize the potential of the available space with modules of small size, but with high specific power. There is no shortage of solutions on the market, in fact, when the roof to be allocated tophotovoltaic system it is small in size (as can be that of a garage), it is necessary to aim for high-yield photovoltaic modules, capable of optimizing space.

To complete the project of thephotovoltaic garage, the installers used Panasonic HIT photovoltaic panels, in particular with the solution of 18 modules of 240 Wp on two strings of 9 each.

How much does a photovoltaic roof cost?
There are many users interested in installing a photovoltaic system, you want on the domestic roof, you want on thegarage…. the only doubts arise when it comes to prices. Thepriceof a photovoltaic system varies greatly according to the presence of incentives, based on the efficiency of the modules, the capacity, the area to be covered, the complications related to the installation ... In the case ofphotovoltaic garagethe cost was around 10 thousand euros.

In particular, the work carried out in a private house in Moncrivello, saw the use of 18 photovoltaic modules of 240 Wp on two strings of 9 each. Their overall size is 1598 x 798 mm, about 1.26 square meters each with a power of 4.32 Kwp. 18 modules were used to cover a total surface area of ​​about 23 square meters, in this case VBHN 240 SE 10 modules were used, with high efficiency. To put thephotovoltaic roofthe appeal could not miss an inverter, the one used was thePowert One Aurora PVI 4.6. The total price for installation and commissioning was 10 thousand euros, including VAT, as regards the incentives, the plant benefited from the 50 percent tax deduction and the exchange on the spot.

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