Creative recycling of wooden pallets

Creative recycling of wooden pallets

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Of the creative recycling of pallets we had a taste at Fuorisalone with the launch of '800 × 1200 eco-design', the first line of sustainable, low-cost and do-it-yourself furniture, made entirely with recycled pallets, aka wooden pallets. However, we did not expect this activity to become a competition, and even an international one.

Entitled International Pallet Design Contest, Conlegno's latest idea is a creativity challenge for all recycling lovers, do-it-yourself enthusiasts, design students and anyone who wants to test themselves in creative recycling of IPPC / FAO or EPAL branded pallets (or both at the same time).

What are these acronyms? IPPC is the acronym of the International Convention for the Protection of Plants, whose purpose is to harmonize imports with a potential negative impact on the health of forests and crops. FAO is the Food and Agriculture Organization that oversees that treaty. EPAL (formerly EUR) is the registered logo of pallets made in compliance with international technical specifications. Specifications especially concerning ecology and health safety.

At the International Pallet Design Contest it is possible to present works inspired by creative recycling of pallets that are also eco-sustainable, economic and functional. The author must also attach a description of the work, images and assembly instructions to the work. The winner, in addition to being published in the 2015 catalog of “800 × 1200 eco-design” products, will receive a cash prize of 1,000 euros.

How do you participate? Connect to the 800 × 1200 site below, download the participation forms and send everything to the Conlegno email address (you can also find this below) attaching the images. Registrations are open until 30 September 2014.

Send the documentation here: [email protected]

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