Irrigating the garden: how much water do you need?

Irrigating the garden: how much water do you need?

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How much water do you need for water the garden? And for the garden? The answer is that on average a lot of it is needed in the hot period to overcome drought periods without damage, which makes a good irrigation or water storage system essential for the success of a garden or vegetable garden project.

The amount of water needed for water the garden it also depends on the type of soil, on the water needs of the crops present and obviously on the size, but considering that herbaceous plants are made up of 85-90% water it is easy to imagine that in summer, and in drought periods, the water supply o the supply capacity must be consistent.

To give an order of magnitude of the water needs of crops in the driest periods, it may be useful to write down a list of the quantity of reference water to be distributed. What we propose is useful to know how much water the garden, the vegetable garden and the orchard trees.

In the meadow, the water requirement in the hot season is estimated at 4-6 liters of water per day for each square meter. For water the garden with 100 square meters of lawn, therefore, an average of 500 liters of water are needed per day. If other crops are present, as is normal, even more water is needed.

For the trees the water requirement depends on the type. Broad-leaved trees require 40-60 liters of water per plant every two days if they were planted during the year, later as for the lawn. For tropical species, 60-80 liters of water per plant are needed every two days, for conifers 40-60 liters but only in the first two years of planting. Fruit trees require an average of 60-65 liters of water every two days.

Irrigate the garden it almost always means taking care of shrubs and hedges. The first plant shrubs need 8-16 liters of water every day, those already developed double. For newly planted hedges, 4 liters of water per day are required for each linear meter, for those already developed 8 liters per day.

In thevegetable garden, taking an average of the water needs of the individual crops that may be present, about 3 liters of water are needed every day per square meter.

On balance, it is clear that for irrigate a garden medium to medium size requires a large amount of water. Fortunately, it rains every now and then. In case of rain, the doses must of course be reduced.

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