Aircraft biofuels, from Albatros to Boeing 787s

Aircraft biofuels, from Albatros to Boeing 787s

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THEbiofuels for aircraft are spreading "like wildfire-bio ".The firstplanejet that took off thanks tobiofuelswas the Aero L-39 Albatros, a military aircraft that did not need to undergo any modification to the mechanical components, it was back in 2007. Even in the civil sectorbiofuels for aircraftthey are not new. To launch the first flights for civilians powered withbiofuelsit was the Lufthansa company immediately followed by other big companies in the sector.

When it comes tofuelswith low environmental impact and air flights, we cannot help but mention the Cyna Plc company which, thanks to pyrolysis, has managed to launch air flights powered by fuels obtained from waste.

Virgin Atlantic ebiofuels for aircraft
The Virgin Atlantic Jumbo has managed to demonstrate that it is possible to fly using 40% bio-fuel blends. With the Jumbo, Virgin Atlantic began a series of tests with the London-Amsterdam flight. The first flights took a percentage ofbiofuelsequal to 25% and completed with the aircraft without passengers.

Lufthansa is biofuels for aircraft
The aircraft used for flights powered by biofuels is the Airbus A321. The aircraft is equipped with Iae reactors (international aero engines)and in just six months he managed to save 1,471 tons of CO2 from the atmosphere, with the Hamburg-Frankfurt section alone. The company was able to study the behavior ofbiofuelswhich, for air flights, would seem particularly convenient: they do not suffer the large fluctuations in the typical oil prices (everyone will have heard of "fuel adjustment").

Thebiofuelused to power the Airbus A321 is produced by the Neste Oil company which uses the particular NExBTL technology, specific for the production offuelsfor aviation.

Nippon Airways (ANA) ebiofuel for aircraft
Nippon Airways was the first powered transatlantic flightbiodiesel. The planes powered by biofuels they are no longer rare pearls and the high oil prices are complicit in this spread. Nippon Airways itself admits that ifuel planes with biofuelsit is cheaper than filling up with classic fuel.

Nippon Airways started out with a single Boeing 787 in 2012 but shortly after deliveringbiofuelshave increased: the airline hopes to becomeCarbon Neutralby 2020.

In the photo, the Boeing 787s of Nippon Airways (ANA)

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