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Ecological nutrition: Quality, freshness, authenticity and familiarity. These are the strengths and growth points of "The vegetables from my garden", a site and a service that knocks on your home. After selecting a single fresh produce company close to each user, he thus ensures them one ecological nutrition 100% with all the possible choice, but organic and tasty.

1) When was “The vegetables from my garden” born?
It is a project by ecological nutrition and was born in 2009. At the beginning the service was active in Milan, Turin and in the area adjacent to our company, located near Santhià. To date, the service promoting a ecological nutrition on the territory it extends to most of Piedmont and Lombardy, is in Rome and, soon it will also be in Florence and its province. Our will is to expand our range of action more and more, thanks to companies affiliated with us throughout Italy.

2) What service do you offer? What is your target?
The service is aimed at all those who are aware of the importance of aecological nutrition, controlled and genuine. Our typical customers are young couples with small children, very careful about what they consume every day. Thanks to our service, the customer has the opportunity to receive a weekly box of strictly seasonal vegetables and / or fruit, containing only types of vegetables that they have previously "sown" on our site. There is no shortage of different formulas, always absolutely aimed at one ecological nutrition, such as the single test basket.

3) How do you ensure zero km products?
Our products are zero km: each area covered by our service has one and onethe only company of reference which provides them with fresh. In this way it becomes their only point of reference for a'Ecological nutrition: healthy and controlled. Our products, not traveling for many kilometers, are consequently always fresh, collected and delivered a few hours away.

4) What kind of selection and checks carried out on companies to guarantee an ecological diet?
The companies we select are organic, biodynamic or in conversion to organic; are companies that care about l'Ecological nutrition, the environmental Protection, love for the rediscovery of ancient flavors and have a great awareness of how fundamental transparency towards customers is. An added value, in addition to the certainty of being able to have aecological nutrition, is the opportunity given to the customer to touch the products that he will receive on the table, being able to visit the reference company and savor a little countryside life.

5) Seasonal freshness and preservatives: what is your policy on this?
We produce and offer our customers exclusively seasonal and local products, teaching them that it is essential to have one ecological nutrition, feeding on seasonal vegetables because they are harvested when they are at the maximum of their nutritional properties and their flavor. We do not use any preservatives to propose one ecological nutrition really: the vegetables are picked and delivered immediately afterwards. We do not force the growth of our vegetables with heated greenhouses, and that is why in the winter months, given the limited variety of products and the extreme cold, we do not make deliveries.

6) What is your “create your garden” project?
It gives our customers the opportunity to have a first outlook on the world ofhorticulture: they have the possibility to "sow", and consequently to receive, only the types and quantities of vegetables and fruit they have chosen. A kind of ecological nutrition personalized.

7) And for the rice fields?
The project of adoption of a small paddy field gives the user the possibility to choose to adopt a portion of paddy field of the desired size, based on the formulas on the site, and to choose the type of rice to sow, the drying and aging methods and finally to customize the pack of the single packs of rice.

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