Italian organic world: all to be discovered in one click!

Italian organic world: all to be discovered in one click!

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Biological world. It is not a dream but it is a portal dedicated to companies and users interested in a world, and first of all in a country, which is attentive to what it chooses and consumes. Casimiro Fumagalli of tells about this biological world: how it changes, what it looks for and what it finds.

1) When were you born? How have you evolved so far?
Our portal of the biological world was born on July 1, 2002. Then we gradually enriched it with some sections such as the "Articles", reserved for editorials relating to biological world. Recently the “Information Company” sector has also been added with promotional items. For a year or so we have been working to enhance the weekly newsletter, also enriching it with the various promotions of companies belonging to the biological world present. The growing interest of users in online purchases also for products of the biological world led us to add the "supermarket" of the Italian Organic World by activating affiliations with companies that have e-commerce.

2) Which sections have you planned and which are the most used?
The categories of the vast biological world present are always the same 30/40, clearly visible on the home page, we have only added 4/5 over the years. When I had the idea of ​​creating a portal to dedicate to biological, ecological and natural world in Italy I was thinking above all of farms. Surprisingly, the categories most visited by users turned out to be those of bio-clothing, of the bio-cosmetics. Only in third place in the biological world there are farms.

3) Which companies are most present? Are there any trends in recent months to report?
The categories of companies from biological world more numerous are the farms, then there are the processors and then those dedicated to food trade. This reflects the panorama of the biological world Italian company. The trend of the last few months is the growth of bio-fashion and bio-cosmetics: to date they are the ones that from our portal of biological world have the best sales results.

4) In job advertisements, which are the most sought-after figures?
The most searched category in biological world from those who offer work is that of representatives, while among those looking for work are more numerous those seeking employment at farms and herbalists. Many are also willing to move, in order to work.

5) How many users can you count on?
Visitors to the portal of the biological world fluctuate from 25 to 30 thousand per month, subscribers to the newsletter are about 1500. I am fairly satisfied with the visitors but we are trying to increase the subscribers to the newsletter by offering more and more promotional offers from companies in the biological world. Furthermore, the recently introduced supermarket could increase subscribers thanks to word of mouth among those who are still interested in biological world.

6) What are the "hot topics" they ask you about or the most clicked articles?
The hot topics in the organic world today are GMOs and the defense of biodiversity. The freedom of therapeutic choice is increasingly of interest with the request for advice on natural therapies, the renewable energies and waste recycling. Interest in aNatural food, vegetarian and even vegan: many ask for advice on how to eat properly to avoid nutritional deficiencies.

7) How are the organic markets geographically distributed? Are increased? Where is it?
I have no numerical data to photograph this aspect of the biological world, but the feeling is that they are more numerous in the north followed by central Italy. It seems that Northern Italy is leading the way. The phenomenon that increases the markets and especially their visitors is the growing tendency to purchase products at km 0 and therefore the demand for products grown in the area where you live, the result of a greater sensitivity to reducing pollution and the fight against bad globalization. Towards a Italian organic world, in fact.

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