Making planters with old tires

Making planters with old tires

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With creative recycling and the art of do-it-yourself it is possible to build splendid ones planters with tires recovered in landfills. The planters with tires they can be perfect furnishing accessories for outdoor spaces, they can enrich terraces and gardens by welcoming the cultivation of flowering plants and why not ... even vegetables.

Build planters with tires it can be a relaxing activity, to be carried out with the whole family, including the little ones in order to sensitize them, right away, to issues such as waste disposal and reuse.


The tires can be transformed into planters in different ways but let's start from the beginning: first you need to find some tires used, without a rim, try looking for them at an old burglary or at your trusted tire dealer, he will be more than happy to get rid of them! If the tires they are of different sizes, not a problem.

The simplest way to get planters with tires provides a simple coating: you will need to take a sheet of circular wooden plywood, large enough to be able to plug the entire hole in the wheel but small enough to be able to enter the circumference. Two photos must be applied to the plywood to ensure drainage and air exchange. Thus obtained, the planter will be similar to those shown in the photos above: obviously to make it more pleasing to the eye, the planter it will need to be painted.


There are those who manage to obtain planters with tires dissecting the rubber into two equal halves. In this case, it is tire it will need a wooden stand to hold up. To keep half the tire you can use the classic plant supports by placing them on opposite sides of the tire.

Still, they can be obtained planters with pneumatics turning the rubber over so that the inside of the rubber is exposed to the outside. Turn the tires it is not a simple task, it is semi-rigid rubber, not very flexible and does not turn as easily as it happens with a sweater. If it is true that an image speaks more than 1000 words, we leave you with two tutorial photos that will show you how to turn the tires and make a planter. With tires it is also possible to make armchairs or tables, a video explains how in our article "Ideas for tire recycling ".

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