Solar cases for iPhone, prices and models

Solar cases for iPhone, prices and models

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There custody solar for iPhone it is extremely useful considering the low energy efficiency of the native battery of iPhone. After talking about the iPhone 4 solar cases today we will do an overview of the photovoltaic covers marketed foriPhone 5 and the latest arrivals iPhone 5C is 5S.

Between solar enclosures for iPhone we recommend the innovative Kude cover; I KudoCase for iPhone, renamed KudoGlide, have a design that differs greatly from the classic one of a cover, they almost look like fish bones, plus it is not necessary that theiPhone you wear that cover to be able to enjoy the extra battery. The additional charging is guaranteed by the sun using a second energy storage unit.


On the occasion of the latest edition of CES in Las Vegas, Ascent Solar Technologies, a manufacturer of photovoltaic modules, stunned the public by announcing the debut of the Surfr Case, a solar case for iPhone which integrates an energy storage unit and photovoltaic cells. The photovoltaic case for iPhone takes advantage of the lightweight, ultra-thin and flexible modules produced by Ascent Solar Technologies but was designed by the EnerPlex development team.

The Surfr Case not only provides protection, but also doubles the battery life of iPhone. The Surfr Case is among the solar cases for iPhone thinner and lighter to integrate both photovoltaic modules and a 2000 mAh lithium-ion battery. With the right photovoltaic technology - thin, light and flexible - any common device could integrate a small solar electric generator.


Whether to double the battery life of iPhone still not enough, it is commercially available onan, a new solar cover developed for iPhone 5 and 5S. Onan increases battery life by more than 140%, offers protection to the iPhone and features a slim design. There custody onan already has some experience in the sector smartphone considering that it had already been noted for the similar version of solar houses for iPhone 4 and 4s.

Finally we point out the cheapest custody “IPhone 5 Solar Charger” by Solar Bank, also for this model there is a version for iPhone 4 - 4s. There solar case iPhone 5 Solar Charger is priced at $ 48.90 and is available in a variety of colors.


The iPhone 5 Solar Charger weighs 110 grams and its dimensions are: 135 × 62 × 19 millimeters. Its built-in battery is lithium-ion and has the capacity of 3,000 mAh.

The solar cases for iPhone described in this article all take advantage of high efficiency photovoltaic cells, capable, that is, of capturing solar radiation even on cloudy days.

Photo | Surfr Case by EnerPlex with photovoltaic technology from Ascent Solar Technologies

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