Ikea recycling bins

Ikea recycling bins

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THE containers for separate waste collection proposed by Ikea they can be excellent allies in our daily waste separation work. To better turn the recycling we need a "station " a kind of "disposal center " where to manage waste. THE containers for the separate collection of Ikea they can help us set up this waste sorting center.

THE containers for separate waste collection of Ikea they are sober but can be enriched with adhesives that, in addition to specifying their use, can embellish them. According to local regulations, understand the number of containers that you need, we usually talk about 5 collection units:

  • to differentiate the plastic
  • to differentiate the card
  • to collect the undifferentiated dry product
  • to differentiate the wet
  • to differentiate aluminum

When choosing, consider the size and presumable weight of the container full, if the load might seem excessive, consider choosing a container on wheels. To avoid buying a container for separate waste collection on wheels (much more expensive), you can recycle your daughter or granddaughter's old stroller and adapt it to container for the differentiated.

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Another fundamental step lies in the intelligent arrangement of the containers: the counter for paper collection can be placed in the office or in the children's study room, the wet with plastic and undifferentiated will strictly go to the kitchen. The aluminum can be placed in the garden.

Label all yours containers for separate waste collection so as to indicate its content and make it understandable to children or house guests. Remember that in addition to the classics collection containers offered by major brands such as IkeaBrico or Leroy Merlin,you may need a compost bin to recycle food waste produced in the kitchen.

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If you have limited space, you can choose containers stackable on top of each other - rather awkward to use -, or containers retractable to be placed in furniture or drawers specially made. This solution is optimal both for good space management and to prevent the appearance of bad smells.

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