How to grow wisteria

How to grow wisteria

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How to grow wisteria: instructions and advice for thecultivation of wisteria in potsor in the open ground. When it blooms and advice on care and pruning. Reproduction of wisteria by cuttings.

Climbing wisteria

The wisteriait is characterized by very delicate flowers that elegantly descend, unraveling in a thousand fragrant clusters.

It is one of the most beautiful ornamental garden plants ever. Being a climbing plant, can be used to embellish pergolas (the most common use), to cover columns and to adorn walls, railings, arches and backs.

An uncommon but extremely effective use is to grow the wisteria shaped like a tree. Thewisteria it is a plantclimbing, however, with the appropriatepruning, can be cultivated with a sapling form of cultivation. The sapling form of cultivation, however, is at the expense of flowering.

There cultivation of wisteria it does not require a great deal of effort even if some attention must be paid to its management if its development is to be optimal.

When wisteria blooms

Therefloweringdepends on the variety. The flowering period is common between Japanese and Chinese wisteria while it is different for American wisteria.

  • American wisteria blooms in summer, between the months of June and July.
  • Chinese wisteria blooms in spring, with the typical April temperature rise.
  • If grown in the shade, the blooms will be later.

In Italian gardens, the most common wisteria is the Chinese one. Compared to Chinese wisteria, American wisteria is recognized by a light foliage covered with a fine bluish-white down that gives it a silky appearance. American wisteria grows with less vigor in fact it has a more contained development.

Reproduction of wisteria

Wisteria can be multiplied in different ways but the simplest and most successful is certainly multiplication by cuttings.

Reproduction of wisteria from seed takes time and effort. Reproduction by cuttings of wisteria, on the other hand, is a very convenient technique both in terms of success and timing. The multiplication of wisteria by cuttings will allow you to burn the stages and obtain a strong and lush wisteria in a short time. For all the instructions (right period, which branch to take, how to stimulate rooting….) We refer you to the page: wisteria cutting.

Wisteria, pruning

Wisteria pruning is done in winter. In certain cases, apruning at the end of floweringto eliminate flowering branches that can damage the plant. For all instructions on thewisteria pruningwe refer you to the dedicated guide: prune wisteria in winter and after flowering.

How to grow wisteria

Let's see in detail how to grow wisteria following some useful indications.

When to plant wisteria

The wisteria in the garden it can be grown any time of the year, however, those who live in areas with fairly harsh winter climates should still wait until spring at least.

Where to grow wisteria

When planting, prefer a sunny area. Wisteria can also grow in the shade, but flowering will certainly suffer, it will in fact be less abundant, less fragrant and later.

Wisteria has a very strong root system. Anyone who places the plant near sidewalks or walls will need to take some precautions.

How to plant wisteria

Place the plant inside in a hole of at least half a meter which will need to be filled with earth mixed with mature manure. Before closing the hole, make sure that the root ball of the plant is damp: if not, proceed

After planting it, water abundantly.

When to water wisteria

Subsequently, irrigate less frequently: every two to three weeks with two buckets of water, letting the soil remain dry for a couple of days before proceeding with watering.

Water more frequently in the summer months, especially if the plant is highly developed

How to fertilize wisteria

In the first two years, fertilize wisteria a couple of times a year using fertilizers with good percentages of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.

Subsequently, carry out an annual fertilization by decreasing the nitrogen dose.

How to prune wisteria

Carry out pruning in the summer and winter seasons: in the summer, the branches that are one year old must be shortened, bringing them back to about one meter in length unless these are used to give a certain appearance to the plant. Also in summer all suckers and stolons that have formed at the base of the wisteria must be removed over time.

Winter pruning should be done after all the leaves have fallen: all those branches that are about one year old should be shortened, taking care to leave 4-5 buds. Also remove dry or broken branches and any suckers formed at the base.

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