How to decorate the Christmas tree

How to decorate the Christmas tree

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In the choice ofChristmas tree to decorate, many opt for a real pine or fir:: in Italy theChristmas tree the most common is the spruce or spruce. It is certainly more suggestive, however many forget that it is a living being, which could not bear being inside our homes: in nature, fir trees grow in areas with an alpine climate, so indoors they could suffer from the heat. In this regard, today we will show you chow to decorate the Christmas tree, without harming its future survival.

How to decorate the tree, useful information

  • At the time of purchase, check the origin of the fir, making sure it was not taken from a forest but from a cultivation
  • Make sure that there is an identification tag on the tree that specifies the species and age of the plant
  • Evaluate the measurements carefully: the ceiling of the house must be high enough to accommodate the fir
  • Make sure that the tree has roots: plants that do not have them have a very short duration
  • Choose the tree with thick foliage and a beautiful dark green color, without dead branches
  • Keep the plant as much as possible in a cool place, for example on the balcony.
  • If you opt for the interior, choose a place away from fireplaces, radiators and stoves
  • Choose a pot that is large enough at the base
  • Irrigate the plant constantly, approximately every 3-4 days
  • Steam the foliage from time to time to make the plant feel less of the air made dry by the radiators and drop fewer needles
  • Avoid decorations that are too heavy

If you follow what we have suggested to the letter, the plant will have a good chance of surviving

Useful recommendation: don't throw the tree away just because you no longer need it! Maybe it might be a good idea to plant it in the garden. But if it is not possible to keep it or you do not have space, you can return it to the nursery where you purchased it or deliver it to a special collection center.

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