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Spruce, for friends

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L'Christmas tree, you know how to decorate it but you don't know where it lives and what its needs are. We are talking aboutSpruce, of what every year becomes theChristmas tree.

L'spruceit is the most widespread conifer in the entire Alpine arc, for a long time it has also been cultivated along the Apennines and actually lends itself well to growing in the garden ... so why when you try to plant it in the gardenspruce"Christmas" this dry? The cultivation ofspruceit has precise climatic needs, although it is a rustic species it prefers shady and cool environments, at least not less than 400 meters.

L'Spruce, Picea abies, Pinaceae family, is an evergreen tree species that reaches and exceeds 40 meters in height! L'Spruceit is a conifer just like pine, cedar and larch, so its leaves are needle-like and pungent. Often theChristmasit is associated with pine cones ... but even in this case very few people know what it is about! The female flowers, after fertilization, form the characteristic pendulous pine cones that fall to the ground when maturity is reached.

L'Spruceit is a mountain species, therefore in the hills or in the plains, although it manages to vegetate due to the favorable temperatures, the tree does not reproduce so it is subject to desiccation, stress, attacks by insects and other diseases that will lead to its death.

Anyone who lives in the mountains can try toplant the Christmas treeat a distance of at least 10 meters from the home: thespruceit reaches considerable heights relatively quickly, in fact the progressive growth can push it to exceed 40 meters!

Spruce, conifers andturpentine
L'spruceit is not only familiar to those who love Christmas. From the bark ofsprucean essential oil is obtained widely used by painting enthusiasts for the dilution of colors. The essence of turpentine, contained in the resin, unlike the oil obtained, is able to provide softer and more elastic colors.

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