How to help the environment

How to help the environment

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Lately on my Twitter, Facebook and G + accounts I have been receiving many questions about the ecological footprint, organic food and related topics. A very noble and also quite recurring question goes like this: "how can I help the environment?". These people usually want a concrete answer, great works, actions with immediate effects ... Anyone who wants action can become a Greenpeace activist, but even in this case they shouldn't expect to be chained to an Arctic glacier! At least not right away! If you want concrete action, get involved in the promotion of separate waste collection, organize groups to clean beaches and public sites or, promote campaigns such as "hunger for change"By Oxfarm.

I notice that many of you are well-meaning to embrace onegreen philosophy,so here I am to dispense some advice onliving sustainable, we leave the most haughty works to activists so that we can focus on lifedaily. As all our readers will know by now, to lower their ownecological footprintwe need to change our daily habits: prefer public transport, promote car-sharing, use the bike, reduce the consumption of meat and animal derivatives, embrace energy efficiency, buy less and recycle more.

In short, to be ironic, let me say that forhelp the environmentit is enough to be penniless with a bank account that has been in the red for some time! Yes for live sustainablyit is really enough to be poor: little money means little consumption, few gifts, few travels, no compulsive shopping, no useless purchases ... A more pleasant alternative to poverty is creativity, especially during holiday periods. Christmas is a real scourge for the environment, among decorations, gifts and holidays, tons of waste are produced which, in the Italian context, will take millennia to be disposed of.

What does creativity have to do withliving sustainable?
During the holidays, instead of buying new decorations, re-evaluate old ones. Gifts? Rely on the do-it-yourself or propose trees or smog-eating houseplants, better if you go down to buy them by bike! Just like creativity, self-love is also an excellent ally of the environment: take out more time for yourself, avoid leaving the house if the activity to be done is not to your liking, so skip forced appointments, dinner with unwanted relatives and so on. Oh, again: stop buying gifts for people you don't like! If you really feel compelled, just give a plate of homemade biscuits, a homemade jam preserve or simply a handshake that does not involve any transfer of material goods!

Ironically, earlier I spoke of poverty, actually a perhelp the environmentit is necessary to possess a great inner wealth so as to be able to appreciate the simple things of life. Eliminate all the superfluous, before buying an object, look at it with your eyes without projecting yourself into the shoes of an alleged observer: it is well known, often you buy something to impress an audience and not for yourself. Here, enjoy only the things you like without letting yourself be conditioned by presumed social expectations! If you have any doubts or questions, feel free to Tweet me @annadesimoe

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