Birthday gift ideas

Birthday gift ideas

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With the exception of the feasts that vabbeh it is easier to prepare, there are presents and the little gifts of birthday to remember and the ideas right are not always there at hand. What gift? If you don't want this question to drill your brain while maybe you also have other things to think about, and if you don't want yet another gift last minute convince the birthday boy to unsubscribe from Facebook, plan ahead.

First step in choosing the gift is framing who is the birthday. Wife, husband, children, parents, friends ... the matter changes, but how to always find them ideas that respond to everyone's tastes? Technology helps a little, on the Internet you can find a lot of ideas saving time, but first you need to frame a few things. Gift trying to intercept the tastes of the birthday boy or do you like it? Gift useful, cultural or playful? You do it, but remember that an idea green it will certainly be appreciated.

Gift of birthday helpful? In this category, the green universe offers a lot of ideas. If the birthday boy is a vegetable and gardening enthusiast, and maybe he lives in the city, he might doting on a mini greenhouse of those that can be kept on the balcony or terrace, or for the beautiful Beckmann seedbed.
If, on the other hand, he prefers to have a barbecue outdoors, he could thank you for a complete set of gloves and apron. Other beautiful ideas for a home garden can be found on From pole to branch, another nice idea are natural DIY soaps, which you can prepare yourself while having fun. If it's a child's birthday, there are eco-friendly toys.

Gift of birthday cultural? Well here opens the universe of books, which are a gift always appreciated, and in the green world there is truly spoiled for choice Once you have decided whether the book should like you or the birthday boy more you can take a tour in the bookstore or on Amazon, where you will find books for all tastes, in Italian and in English, at very affordable prices, especially for the eBook versions. Gardening, technology, society, current issues, a green book can be an opportunity to make even those who have never done it think about the environment. A cultural gift can also be the terrarium necklace which instead of the usual pendants has a real miniature terrarium.

Gift of birthday joking? Here you move on a minefield because jokes must be appreciated and this does not always happen. If you aim for ideas joking you must be sure you know the tastes of the birthday boy, otherwise forget it. Interesting ideas can certainly be found on or even on Look at everything but, this is our advice, be guided by the green, evaluate the eco-friendliness of the objects and the sustainability of the materials.

Say it with flowers. If you choose this route for the gift of birthday, and if the birthday boy is a woman or maybe not, remember that every flower has a meaning and red roses are not really for the grandmother, unless she is passionate, and with daffodils you risk being misunderstood.

Finally, if the birthday gift ideas that you are willing to evaluate must necessarily be ECOnomic as well as deliberately ECOlogical, you cannot miss our article on economic Gift Ideas.

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