Wind generator on the roof of the house

Wind generator on the roof of the house

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Who wants to mount awind generatoron theroofhome could be interested in micro wind turbines, examples are the K07 Wind Power turbine from 299 euros and the more innovative WindOrchad and WindPods. The K07 turbine is able to produce energy when the wind reaches a speed of at least 2.9 m / s, which is why it is only suitable in rather windy areas. Another limit is its capacity: 500W.

Awind generatorwhich can be easily installed on theroof of the house and which has good yield characteristics, is the Darrieus Savonius. It is a vertical axis wind turbine with a capacity of 1 kW of power and above all, it manages to produce energy even when the wind blows slowly: the start-up speed is attested with a wind blowing at 0.5 m / sec. .

The technical sheet released by the manufacturer sees a nominal power of 750W while the maximum, as already mentioned, amounts to 1 kW. The voltage output is 12-28V AC Three-phase with a maximum output current of 36 A. The maximum efficiency with electrical production peaks occurs when the blades rotate around 400 rpm. The weight of the turbine is only 11 kg and for installation on thehouse roofdoes not need any permission.

Here are the features released by the manufacturer:

  • Nominal Power: 750W
  • Maximum Power: 965W
  • Output Voltage: 12-28V AC Three-phase
  • Max Output Current: 35 A
  • Maximum performance rotation speed: 400 rpm
  • Dimensions: 260x160x160 mm
  • Weight: 11 Kg
  • Number of Poles: 4
  • Rotation resistance: 0.25 NxM
  • Startup wind: <0.5m / sec (Darrieus Savonius profile)
  • Efficiency:> 95%
  • Excellent performance in light and deviating winds
  • Low noise
  • Structure composed of only 3 elements (rotor, stator, chassis)
  • Generator made of superior ferromagnetic material (double the normal materials)

Awind generatorwith a capacity of 1 kW, including inverter, controller, rectifier and everything you need to connectturbineto the home electricity network, has a price of around 1,200 euros.

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