Anti-Mosquito plants, cards and photos

Anti-Mosquito plants, cards and photos

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There are many on the market repellents artificial against mosquitoes, these are chemicals that are toxic to humans and the environment. Just look at the back of the packaging to notice a toxicity symbol (an orange square marked with an X, a skull associated with the symbol of toxicity for the environment). To eliminate mosquitoes it is not necessary to pollute the air of the house, howeverward off mosquitoesthere are several natural strategies, the use of repellent plants is one of them.

There are manymosquito repellent plantsthat can be used to decorate the house or the garden. Indeed, someanti-mosquito plantsthey are very common spices that, if grown on the balcony, are able toward off mosquitoesand to flavor your dishes!

The fragrant geraniums have been renamedmosquitawayprecisely because of their ability toward off mosquitoes and midges. Their fragrant flowers are perfect for decorating terraces and balconies.

Melissa officinalis can flavor tea and herbal teas. It is characterized by a scent similar to that of lemon: it is this fragrance that is the real thingmosquito repellent!

Eucalyptus gives off a mosquito repellent odor, it can be easily grown in the garden and, if you have enough space, you can adopt the Catalpa plant (photo above). La Catalpa offers beautiful blooms from May to July and with its fresh summer smells, it manages toward off mosquitoes in a completely natural way!


A anti-mosquito plant par excellence, recognized globally, is the catambra. The catambra has a content ofmosquito repellentfour times higher than that of other variants. He also manages to drive away the tiger zanara. The catambra can be grown in the garden, at home, on a balcony or terrace. Thanks to the commitment of some specialized nurserymen, the catambra can be used to border lawns, avenues and parks.

Everyone knows that lemongrass is an excellent mosquito repellent, but how many of us grow it in the garden? Lemongrass is a bushy herbaceous plant with drooping ribbon-shaped leaves and a pleasant citrus scent that keeps mosquitoes and other insects away.


Basil, rosemary and lavender can be considered anti mosquito plants thanks to their intense fragrances.

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